These are the smartwatches that support Google Pay 2021

There are lots of Wear OS smartwatches, but these are the watches that support Google Pay. This hand software lets you pay anywhere contactless payments are available using just your watch. There are lots of options for watches with Google Pay, so without further ado, here are the Wear OS watches you should check out.

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The TicWatch Pro 3 keeps much of the design lineage from previous generations of the Pro watches. However, the newest model brings an updated secondary display which includes a backlight, improved and new health monitoring like an SpO2 sensor, but the most significant may be the new Snapdragon 4100 processor — it’s very fast. That speed translates to faster payments within Google Pay as well.

The Fossil Gen 5E runs the latest Snapdragon 3100 processor from Qualcomm, which helps to achieve great performance while increasing the battery life. You also get 1GB of RAM for improved responsiveness, a heart rate sensor, great water resistance, and of course, NFC for making payments with Google Pay. This all fits nicely into a 42mm or 44mm case that has a classic look to fit any style.

Refining the already stunning design of the Falster 2, Skagen 42 mm case adds a speaker to the equation as well as a very unique watchband. While the band can be swapped out for any 22 mm watch strap, nothing will quite compare to the chainmail style included with this one. The Snapdragon 3100 processor also gets 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, and NFC for on the go payments.

From $257 at Amazon

Another Fossil watch that supports Google Pay is the Explorist HR. While it’s powered by the older Wear 2100 CPU, it still delivers a heart-rate sensor, GPS, 24-hour battery life, and a sleek, classy design that looks fantastic thanks to the included leather watchband.

From $210 at Amazon

TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE has a signature dual-screen display to ensure visibility in direct light while helping to stretch your battery life to the max. With the addition of LTE, you can always be connected even if you don’t have your phone near you. The RAM is bumped to 1GB, water resistance is improved, and the style is bulky but refined to give the TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE a clean look.

Yep, another Fossil watch! With the Venture HR, Fossil designed this one to be more appealing to those looking for a wearable with a more feminine touch. The Venture has a smaller body with a slightly tweaked version of the Explorist’s design that we like. It has Google Pay, GPS, and it can monitor your heart-rate and more.

From $150 at Amazon

The Skagen Falster 2 is a fantastic looking watch with a simple and clean traditional aesthetic that makes it one of the most well-designed smartwatches available. However, the watch is anything but traditional with a plethora of sensors, including NFC, which lets you leave your wallet tucked away when it comes time to pay for your coffee.

If you want a smartwatch that can last multiple days on a single charge, the TicWatch Pro is for you. Thanks to a unique two-screen design, you can switch back and forth between Smart and Essential Mode to extend your battery life up to 30 days. The design is a bit bulky, but you also get GPS, heart-rate tracking, and Google Pay (of course).

$200 at Amazon

Mobvoi took its lineup of popular Wear OS watches, kept the parts fans love, and gave them a refresh with the TicWatch Pro 2020. It keeps the great battery life, unique dual-layer display, and NFC for Google Pay then adds in sleep tracking and bumps the RAM up to 1GB for the much-improved performance.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that has a bit of attitude, then the Diesel On Axial is the watch for you. This watch comes with 1GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage to ensure smooth operation, and the sensors to match. Utilizing built-in GPS, a heart rate monitor, NFC for Google Pay, 5 ATM water resistance, a microphone, and speakers all come together to make sure this watch can handle anything you throw at it.

From $260 at Amazon

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna comes in a rose gold finish as well as black with a touch of rose gold surrounding the watch face. It also has a three-button setup with two customizable pushers that flank a rotating crown for navigation. With a Snapdragon 3100, 3 ATM water resistance, 1GB RAM, 8GB of storage, NFC for Google Pay, and more, this watch will help you get through your day with ease and look good doing it.

Getting a smartwatch that offers great performance doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance, and the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle proves it. Coming in a black or silver color option, you also get two customizable pushers buttons that flank a rotating crown for navigation. Pair that classic style with 1GB RAM, the Snapdragon 3100 processor, a speaker, and microphone, and NFC for Google Pay, and you have yourself a great smartwatch.

When you think of Armani, you may think of high-class design, and the Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3 is no exception. It has a classic style with modern touches to help this watch look great in any situation. Make no mistake; this watch is about more than looks as it packs in GPS, a speaker, a microphone, and NFC for making payments with Google Pay. With this watch on your wrist, you can handle the decisions at the office and pay for cocktails in the evening.

From $207 at Amazon

The Armani Exchange utilizes a case with traditional stylings and using a bit of flair around the watch face with some facet-like marks this watch makes a statement but doesn’t scream it. Take all of that and match it with great tech inside, including 3 ATM water-resistance as well as NFC for mobile payments and you have a smartwatch that can be there for both work and play.

From $222 at Amazon

What do you get when you combine the legendary craftsmanship of TAG Heuer and electronics? You get one of the most incredible smartwatches on the planet. The TAG Heuer Connected Modular watch is available in both a 45 and 41mm case size, each with the ability to choose from materials ranging from titanium to ceramic, rose gold to diamond. It’s all powered by an Intel Atom processor, GPS, heart rate monitors, NFC for Google Pay, and more to help you make a statement.

45mm $2690 at Amazon

The Movado Connect 2.0 is a watch with a classically understated design with technology inside that is anything but. With 1GB of RAM, an altimeter, an ambient light sensor, NFC for mobile payments, and more, you get a high tech smartwatch in a beautifully classic package.

$305 at Amazon

Compared to the rest of the TicWatch family, the C2 has a more traditional design. It has a beautiful round AMOLED display that comes in a black, silver, or rose gold case. This well-priced watch also has a great feature set inside of it that not only can help you manage your busy day but help to simplify it with the C2’s NFC chip for Google Pay, letting you leave your wallet behind.

The TicWatch C2+ is mostly the same as the original. The minimal design is maintained, as is the vibrant screen and the NFC for using Google Pay. The holdback on the original C2 was that it only had 512MB of RAM, but the C2+ fixes that by doubling it to 1GB. This update drastically improves the performance of a great looking watch.

You could say that this smartwatch from Michael Kors exemplifies the heart of their fashion style. With the Access Sofie Heart Rate, you get a watch that has a wide variety of case colors and band styles so you can match your style no matter what. While looking good, this watch also has GPS, a heart rate monitor, and an NFC chip for helping to make your purchases easier.

Changing up the case style and color options from the Access Sofie, the Michael Kors Access Runway is ready to help take both your fashion and tech game up a notch. Taking great style and amazing technology inside like GPS and NFC for payments, you will be prepared for everything from fashion shows to the local coffee house.

Kate Spade is one of the most widely known fashion brands on earth. Taking that style to smartwatches gives us the Kate Spade Scallop 2. It surrounds the screen in iconic scallops and offers five different case colors and lots of swappable stylish watch bands. Packaged inside is a solid host of tech including NFC for mobile payments, all to help you breeze through your day.

From $169 at Amazon

This watch rocks some of the latest internals with the Snapdragon 3100, 1GB RAM, 8GB of storage, 3 ATM water-resistance as well as swim tracking, along with a beautiful full-circle AMOLED display. This watch has clean lines and stunning finishes for a wrist piece for any occasion. Your Moto 360 can also help you when you’re paying for that post-workout snack or dinner on a night out.

For a smartwatch that not only stands out in a crowd but also looks great doing it, the Michael Kors Access MKGO is one to consider. It utilizes a three-button setup with the rotating crown for simple navigation, and you’ll be able to check your notifications, use navigation, or pay for your coffee all from your wrist in style. Not to mention you’ll have Google Assistant on-board and a 3 ATM water-resistance rating.

Michael Kors brings more of its timeless design to the Bradshaw 2 with a style that works in the office and the coffee shop. Not only does the watch look great, but it also has some truly stunning tech with 1GB RAM, 8GB of storage, a speaker and microphone for calls, and a 3 ATM water resistance rating. Also included is NFC for mobile payments so that you can leave your credit card at home.

This modern smartwatch with a classic design packs Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 3100 processor, 1GB RAM, an altimeter, GPS, and NFC for mobile payments into the svelte 46mm case. The Garrett also has 3 ATM water resistance, which means it can take a splash or handle rain.

With over 70 sports modes, along with offline maps and heatmaps, the Suunto 7 is made for adventure. While this watch may be built for the outdoors, the style isn’t overly rugged. Thoughtful design choices make this Wear OS watch one that you can wear everywhere from mountain hikes to boardroom briefings. Add in a bright screen, long battery life, and NFC for Google Pay, and you’ve got an incredible do-it-all smartwatch.

Luxury watchmaker Hublot may not be the most well-known smartwatch maker, but it’s making a splash with the Big Bang E. It’s made from titanium and black ceramic to create a dynamic looking timepiece. It utilizes tech like the Snapdragon 3100 processor, 1GB RAM, and NFC to go along with 42 other components in the rest of the watch, so you’ll have a watch like none other.

$5,200 at Hublot

Diesel makes smartwatches that stand out and the On Fadelite keeps that trend going. The translucent case and band give you a look that is as unique as you. The watch is about more than just looks, it has plenty of tech to keep you connected too. With up to 50 meters of water resistance, NFC for Google Pay, heart rate tracking, and more, this smartwatch can handle your style as much as your life.

From $256 at Amazon

If you want a watch that can keep up with your active lifestyle and look great doing it, then the Puma Smartwatch is one to consider. Its lightweight design helps it be unobtrusive while you get your sweat on. Should you need to grab a snack or drink after our workout session, you’ll be able to use your watch to check out.

Go ahead and leave your wallet with a smartwatch with Google Pay

While all of the watches on this list support Google Pay, there are a few we recommend above the rest. First up, the TicWatch Pro 3 with its fantastic dual display helping get the most out of your battery and keeping your essential info always in clear view. Not to mention the impressive new Snapdragon 4100 processor that makes everything you do with the watch so much faster. Paired with solid internal specs packed into a slimmed-down watch case, and you’ve got the ultimate mobile payment watch.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional looking, we really think you’ll be quite happy with the Skagen Falster 3. It combines the newest internal hardware with top-notch materials for a premium smartwatch experience. For the sporty side, it’s hard to go wrong with the Puma Smartwatch. It’s affordable prices, great looks, and good internal specs will keep you moving and paying on the go.

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