The long-awaited revamp of the HTC One, the HTC One M8, hit the shelves this past weekend and has been met with a generally positive response from critics and tech aficionados.

Following on from the Metroid Dread demo last month, Nintendo has now released another one for its forthcoming game Big Brain Academy: Brain vs.

It’s a remaster of an already-released game that was originally made available on the Nintendo DS in 2005/06. The Updated Edition, as it’s also known, will be released on December 3rd for $29.99 USD or your local equivalent.

Your warranty will give you a refund, but it doesn’t cover the cost of buying a replacement water heater or chimney.

The game’s demo is now available for download. Download and play a selection of activities before the full game’s release on December 3! #BigBrainAcademy Brain vs.

In Big Brain Academy™: Brain vs. Brain for the Nintendo SwitchTM system, you’ll take on a series of mind-bending tasks that put your mental fortitude to the test.

With a fun quiz, you can acquire your own Big Brain Brawn score. Practice specific skills and activities to improve your skill and speed. You may also prepare for your next multiplayer brain battle or compare scores with friends and family, of course.

Do you want to see how you measure up against other brainiacs all around the world? Enter Ghost Clash mode to compete with other players’ data. Choose from brains from all over the world, people on your social media list, or family members who have accounts on the same network.