The GTA: The Trilogy Rerelease – The Greatest GTA Package Ever?

On November 11, 2017, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition was released on all major platforms, including the Switch. However, purchasers of the game on PC have been unable to play it since shortly after its release.

The re-mastered Grand Theft Auto trilogy has had a tumultuous start on all platforms, with players reporting numerous graphical problems, gameplay bugs, and other irritating modifications and upgrades to the original PS2-era games.

On November 12, Rockstar pulled the games from sale after the Rockstar Games PC Launcher crashed and prevented other Rockstar titles, such as Red Dead Redemption 2, from being played.

As of today, the game’s official store page has not yet been updated to include the DLC, meaning no one may buy it on PC as the game hasn’t launched on Steam.

Despite the fact that Rockstar has been quiet about it, the situation is still very much active.

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The reason the remastered GTA games are unplayable, according to Rockstar’s latest update, is that the firm is presently removing files ‘unknowingly included in these versions.’ There has been no word on which files are being deleted. Many people believe it could be all of the unlicensed songs hidden in San Andreas’ code.

It’s likely that Rockstar and the developers behind the remasters, Grove Street Games, are working hard to get these games back on Steam. I recommend gamers go buy the original titles on Steam while they wait for these remasters to return, but Rockstar has removed them already. So…