Take a look at GTA 5 on a Game Boy – no, honestly

Those who believed GTA 5 would never appear on a Game Boy need to reconsider their assumptions since someone has made the seemingly impossible doable.

Sebastian Staacks, a physicist, has found out a method to play Rockstar’s open-world classic on Nintendo’s handheld from 1989 — and if you get beyond the Game Boy’s outdated display, it’s quite the sight to see.

It’s worth noting that GTA 5 isn’t truly operating on the Game Boy since it would be impossible. Rather, the game is broadcast from a PS4 through a Staacks-developed Game Boy cartridge with built-in Wi-Fi.

The GTA 5 is playable on a Game Boy in the video below from Staacks’ ‘there oughta be’ YouTube Channel, albeit it doesn’t seem to be an enjoyable experience due to the handheld’s lack of controls and low-resolution, non-backlit screen.

How about the Analogue Pocket, which was just released? Is GTA 5 looking any better now that it has a much better screen? The response is a resounding ‘yes,’ as you can see here.

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However, as Staacks notes up, there’s a minor timing problem that results in visual abnormalities, which he refers to as “horizontal glitches.” The Analogue Pocket, on the other hand, is certainly the way to go if you truly want to play GTA 5 on a throwback handheld.

Here’s how Staacks got the game to operate and created the Game Boy cartridge with built-in Wi-Fi.

But, will GTA 6 ever be released?

While it’s intriguing to see GTA 5 operating on a Game Boy, fans are more than eager for a new instalment in Rockstar’s long-running game.

And besides, GTA 5 was initially published in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and has since been ported to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with an improved version due out in March 2022 for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

GTA 6 is still a few years away, according to reports, with a release date of 2025 at the earliest. That’s hardly surprising, given how well GTA 5 continues to sell and how profitable GTA Online is, with upgrades and new material published on a regular basis.

Even then, if you haven’t already, there’s now another method to play GTA 5.