Spaces now have real-time text chat, which is all Twitter did to make it more convenient for users

Twitter has unveiled a new test that it thinks will make it simpler for people to speak about what they’re listening to without having to turn their microphones on. People will be able to tweet directly from the Space’s interface, thanks to the new text-based functionality.

A Spaces card will be generated automatically for people taking part in the trial, according to Twitter’s explanations. It’s just like replying to any other tweet, and anybody else may read and answer as they like. It will be possible to access the initial card and all future tweets from the Spaces interface as well.

we’re testing a feature you’ve been asking for

when some Hosts start a Space, a Space card will be sent as a Tweet so listeners can reply, engage, and share…straight from the Space! we hope it makes it easier to see and participate in the convo. now testing on iOS and Android!

— Spaces (@TwitterSpaces) May 5, 2022

Tweets about the Space they’re listening to will appear in a text-based stream, but users will be able to engage in real-time text conversations about the Space they’re hearing. It’s unclear how many individuals are taking part in the test, or how likely it is that you’ll hear about the new feature in your daily Spaces listening.

Using the aforementioned Space card, it is hoped that Spaces may be more easily shared among Space members.

Only the official Twitter app for iPhone and iPad can take use of this, thus third-party applications can’t benefit. If you want to utilise Spaces, you’ll need to use the iPhone Twitter app, regardless of whether you think it’s the greatest.