Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Battery Life Comparison With iPhone Xs Max

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 didn’t have a below-display fingerprint sensor, but the Galaxy Z Fold 4 may come with one next year.

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The rumored dual-sided sensor will allow users to unlock the phone by inputting their finger on either the external or internal screen. Because of the sensors’ locations, they will effectively be talking to the same PCB on the mainboard of the phone, which will undoubtedly help save a little bit of interior room.

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Users will be able to authorize payments, unlock the device, and authenticate locked apps no matter which screen they’re on with this new deployment.

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There’s been little said about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 thus far, owing to its anticipated release in August 2022. There’s still plenty of time before then, and rumors aren’t yet flowing at full speed.

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