Netgear announces Orbi Voice, a $400 Wi-Fi 6 mesh router that’s designed with voice in mind.

Wi-Fi 6E is here, just when you were starting to consider upgrading your router. It’s also expensive. Netgear announced the Orbi Quad-B and Mesh WiFi 6E RBKE960 series today, its first quad-band Wi-Fi 6E mesh offering.

After all, who wants to waste money on a satellite dish? While it does not have the same range as the Skystream above, this significantly more expensive system ($500 more than Orbi’s existing tri-band Wi-Fi 6 option) supports multi-gigabit internet.

It’s a difficult product to shrink down because it features such a wide range of technologies. “It’s a complicated product and therefore challenging to fit all this technology into a smaller form factor,” Netgear’s Ravindra Bhilave said during the news conference.

But hey, if this gadget can do all it promises and keep my son’s Xbox online while I Zoom, my husband watches Squid Game on Netflix, and my daughter goes to Rec Room on the Oculus while maintaining our home network intact, it could be neon purple to me.

Set up a separate smart home network on this Orbi system is an intriguing prospect, although how it will be done remains to be seen. The changeover from one network to another will apparently be ‘seamless,’ according to Netgear.

Orbi is consistently highly rated for dependability and performance, even if it doesn’t match in with the home décor as well as a Plume or can double duty as a smart speaker like Nest or a smart home hub like Eero.

The primary reason for this is that Wi-Fi 6E includes a whole new band, 6GHz. This provides additional spectrum to handle multi-gigabit speeds on compatible phones and laptops (a few of which now support it).

Netgear claims that despite its small size, the new Orbi Tri-Band WiFi 6E System features 24x faster network speeds than previous versions. It also has eight more security cameras than its predecessors (62 vs.