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Minecraft’s Fifteen-Year Journey: Insights from Co-Creator Jens Bergensten

Minecraft, the iconic video game, is celebrating a remarkable fifteen-year run. During his recent visit to Australia to mark this milestone, Jens Bergensten, Mojang’s Chief Creative Officer and co-creator of Minecraft, took some time to chat with ACM about the game’s past, present, and future.

Known to fans as “Jeb,” Bergensten began working on Minecraft in 2010 and stepped up as the lead designer in 2011. Minecraft isn’t just any game—it’s the best-selling video game of all time, with over 300 million copies sold by 2023. Jeb believes its success lies in its creative freedom and community engagement, particularly among streamers. “The magic of Minecraft is in the fun and the sharing. The community and the collaborative environment have driven its popularity,” he noted.

Jeb’s love for game design goes beyond Minecraft, but the game’s immense scope and impact keep him fully engaged. “I love designing games. I’ve got side projects, sure, but nothing on the scale of Minecraft. With such a fantastic team, I’m here to stay,” he remarked.

Even after nearly fifteen years, Jeb’s enthusiasm hasn’t waned, and his well of ideas is far from dry. “Minecraft just keeps growing. Players might take breaks, but they always come back. We’re bursting with ideas; the real challenge is finding time to bring them all to life,” Jeb said.

But the gaming industry isn’t without its challenges. The issue of ‘crunch’—periods of intense, extended overtime—has been a hot topic. Mojang is working hard to ensure their employees enjoy a healthy work-life balance. While this sometimes means updates are delayed or scaled back, it’s a priority for the company. “Back in the day, it felt like a game jam—lots of hours, lots of passion. Now, we make sure our team has time to rest and enjoy life,” Jeb explained.

As for the future, Jeb is confident and excited. “We’ve got some fantastic updates and new technologies lined up for Minecraft. Just yesterday, we were with STEM students and budding game designers. It’s great to see the next generation getting involved,” he shared.

Reflecting on Minecraft’s journey and looking forward to what’s next, Jeb remains committed to innovation and creativity. “We’re always striving to create something new and amazing. The possibilities are endless,” he concluded.

As Minecraft continues to evolve, its community can look forward to even more exciting developments, driven by a team that’s as passionate as ever.

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