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Microsoft to Increase Xbox Game Pass Subscription Prices

Microsoft has announced a price hike for its Game Pass subscriptions, with monthly charges set to increase by A$3 to A$4. Additionally, the company is overhauling its standard subscription tier for Xbox consoles, now requiring gamers to subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate for access to new game releases on launch day.

This price adjustment follows Microsoft’s recent news that Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will be available immediately to Game Pass subscribers. Game Pass offers a subscription service for both console and PC players, allowing them to download and play hundreds of games each month.

Currently, Game Pass has approximately 34 million subscribers worldwide. The new prices for Australian subscribers are as follows:

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: From A$18.95 to A$22.95.
  • PC Game Pass: From A$10.95 to A$13.95.
  • Xbox Game Pass Core: From A$79.95 to A$89.95.

These changes will take effect immediately for new subscribers, while existing subscribers will see the new prices reflected in their bills starting in September. Those on a basic subscription plan will retain their current plan until it expires. This tier still offers access to hundreds of games, although it will exclude new releases and certain titles exclusive to Ultimate subscribers.

Microsoft has mentioned that some games available on Ultimate at launch may be added to the standard tier later on. Additionally, it will no longer be possible to stack Game Pass subscriptions for more than 13 months.

This price increase is part of Microsoft’s strategy to enhance the value of its Game Pass service, particularly with the addition of high-profile games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 6. The goal is to make Game Pass an essential service for gamers by providing an extensive library of games and exclusive new releases.

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