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Microsoft hides cool experimental audio control tool in Windows 11 preview build

Microsoft is presently testing a new audio control tool that will be available on Windows 11 in the near future. This feature will enable users to adjust the volume of numerous applications from within Quick Settings.

The feature known as Volume Mixer may be accessed through the Windows 11 Insider Program’s Dev Channel and is presently accessible in Preview Build 25281. Because it has characteristics that are comparable to those of other applications, such as Discord and EarTrumpet, which allow users to modify the volume levels of a variety of different audio sources, it has been likened to such pieces of software. You could, for instance, maintain the level on a Skype chat high while simultaneously lowering the volume of music that is playing on Spotify and have the volume for WhatsApp alerts somewhere in between. It is a degree of administration that is not yet visible due to the fact that Windows 11 only enables universal modifications at this time. To get this level of customization, users often employ the usage of third-party applications such as EarTrumpet.

The absence of any mention of Volume Mixer in the notice published by Microsoft on the Preview Build is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this development. It wasn’t until people searched around in the build’s files that the secret feature was unearthed and brought to light. It would be wonderful to be able to customise the volume for each programme separately, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that this functionality is developed. One of the audio programmes included in Windows 11 should be upgraded.

We say “ideally” because this feature is currently in the testing phase, and there is no assurance that it will ever be made available to users. According to a post from the Windows Insider Program made in the year2022, certain “concepts will never ship…” It’s possible that Microsoft may go back to the drawing board with Volume Mixer in order to enhance it in the future, but at this moment, who can say for sure?

Updated functions and a redesigned appearance

As for the information that was actually disclosed in Preview Build25281, it was said that Windows Spotlight will be undergoing a minor change. Information such as the image’s subject and a brief description will be displayed in the interface. The designers are also trying with new ways of swiping between images, such as whether or not it should be a “full-screen experience.” Microsoft claims that adjusting the visual settings will become less of a chore. In the Graphics section of the Settings menu, options like GPU Preference will now take centre stage.

Users may now organise their files more efficiently by opening numerous tabs in the Notepad app. You may create a new instance of whatever you have open in tabs by dragging and dropping it, just as in a web browser. In addition, “whether files open in new tabs or a new window by default” is now a customizable option in Notepad.

Also, the software can now generate file/tab names depending on the current text, and there are more keyboard shortcuts available than ever before in Notepad. It looks that the Notepad update is not included in Preview Build25281, thus you will need to get it as well.

To prepare for Windows 11’s inevitable takeover as the sole supported operating system, Microsoft is working tirelessly. The business has stated that as of January 31, 2019, it would no longer provide Windows 10 Home or Pro licences for purchase via its website, joining the previously-announced sunset of Windows 7 and 8.1.