iOS 14.8 News, Rumors, Leaks and Everything We Know So Far

iOS 15 is rapidly approaching, with the major software upgrade expected in September. However, before then, Apple may release iOS 14.8, according to rumors.

This is a unique case, both in terms of the number of iOS 14 versions Apple has already released and the fact that it’s usually reached a.8 version with its iPhone software previously.

Even so, according to Brendan Shanks on Twitter, the iOS 14.8 name has been discovered in Xcode (Apple’s development environment). That’s a lot of evidence.

Not only that, but 9to5Mac has confirmed the discovery, and we’ve found additional references to iOS 14.8. But if it’s truly in development, when might we see it? And what will it bring? For the time being, we don’t know much about it, but there are a few theories brewing as you can see below.

Take it from the start.

  • What’s new? The next minor iOS upgrade, which is available now.
  • When will it be available? It’s probably going to be available very soon.
  • What is the cost? There will be no charge, it will be free.

iOS 14.8 release date

There’s no word on when iOS 14.8 will be released, but it makes sense that it would come before iOS 15, which is expected to arrive some time in September, alongside the iPhone 13 family. As of now, that implies iOS 14.8 could be available almost immediately and most likely within the next few weeks.

However, there’s no telling when it will be released. Apple is changing the way it updates devices, allowing users to stay on iOS 14 for longer while still receiving security patches. If you’re waiting for the iOS 15 bugs to go away or you don’t like some of the features, this might be something that interests you.

Apple could follow this strategy with future iOS versions. With that in mind, it’s feasible that Apple will release new version numbers for iOS 14 and iOS 15 together, with both receiving security updates but only the former gaining new features. That scenario is plausible; in which case, iOS 14.8 might drop at the same time as iOS 15 or even before.

iOS 14.8 features

We don’t know much about what features iOS 14.8 will have at the moment. It may also include security updates, as previously said.

At the most basic level, it will almost certainly include bug repairs, including perhaps for an issue with iOS 14.7.1 that has caused some people to lose cellular connection on their phones.

However, if it were only going to include bug fixes and security updates, we’d believe the name iOS 14.7.2 would be more appropriate – a transition to iOS 14.8 implies that even bigger modifications are on the way.

There may be new capabilities or modifications to existing ones. For example, Apple’s Child Safety photo scanning technology might be among them. While we anticipated this in iOS 15, we could see Apple deploy it sooner and/or ensure that those who stick with iOS 14 receive it, since it focuses on child safety.

After that, it’s conceivable that certain of the other features we expected to see in iOS 15 may be included. There are a slew of these, affecting almost every aspect of the operating system, but none have been identified as related to iOS 14.8.

Finally, there may be one or more intriguing new features in the pipeline, but Apple has certainly kept them under wraps if so.