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Ignore the haters, Apple – I’d love a touchscreen MacBook

A touchscreen MacBook was an idea that Steve Jobs despised, but if rumours are to be believed, Apple is coming around to the concept.

According to a recent claim, Apple developers are working on a project to introduce touchscreens to Macs, maybe on a new OLED display-equipped MacBook Pro in 2024 or 2025.

Now, before I (or you) get too excited, this is just speculation at this time, and no release date is even mentioned in the story, indicating that even if Apple is working on touchscreen MacBooks, it may still not have made up its mind on them ever seeing the light of day. If Apple has doubts about the feasibility of the project, it may be shelved altogether (as it did in the past).

There will always be sceptics, like those who agreed with Steve Jobs’ first criticism of touchscreen computers. Indeed, who better than Apple’s former CEO Jobs understood the ins and outs of MacBooks?

I won’t go as far as to claim I disagree with him, but I do believe the next generation of MacBooks would benefit greatly from the addition of touchscreens.

Is it possible that I really disagree with Steve Jobs on MacBooks?

Touchscreen laptops were deemed a “ergonomically horrible” notion by Steve Jobs back in 2010 because “Touch surfaces don’t like to be vertical.”

The first thing to note is that 13 years have passed since then. Touchscreen computers were still in their infancy at the time, therefore the touch experience was less responsive and the OS and apps weren’t made for touchscreens.

In the year 2023, a lot of changes have occurred. Touchscreen laptops are available from Dell, HP, and even Microsoft, among other big manufacturers. Touchscreen laptops have come a long way in recent years, with many models now sporting sleek, premium designs and displays that prove portability and lightweight construction need not come at the expense of visual quality.