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Helldivers 2 Players Express Concerns Over Unwanted Weapon Unlocks

Arrowhead, the developers behind the popular co-op shooter Helldivers 2, are facing a unique challenge in distributing a specific piece of weaponry to their players. For months, the Helldivers 2 community has struggled to unlock a new stratagem—deployable weapons and tools used mid-match. The situation has become so frustrating that players now suspect Arrowhead is resorting to trickery through the latest, and most cryptic, major order.

Back in April, the anti-tank mine stratagem was first teased as an unlockable item. Players were initially given a choice between two stratagems: the mines or a rocket launcher. This choice depended on the liberation of two planets, with the first planet freed awarding its corresponding weapon. The rocket launcher won, relegating the mines to a future major order.

Later, the community faced an even larger challenge: killing two billion Automatons, one of the toughest enemy factions in Helldivers 2. Completing this colossal task would reward players with another shot at unlocking the anti-tank mines. However, the community fell short of the goal, likely due to a combination of dwindling player numbers, lack of interest in the reward, and the sheer difficulty of the challenge.

Last month, Arrowhead presented the mines once more, this time as a choice between two outcomes: saving the literal children of Super Earth or a factory that would manufacture the mines. Unsurprisingly, the community chose to save the children.

This brings us to the current major order, which has a seemingly simple goal: the liberation and defense of planet X-45. The task is so straightforward that it has already been completed with days left on the timer. However, players are now wary, suspecting an ulterior motive behind the defense of X-45. Unlike most major orders, which clearly state the rewards, this one is vague, referring only to “weaponry from the First Galactic War.”

Initially, players speculated this could mean the return of a weapon from the original Helldivers. However, the more conspiracy-minded members of the community are convinced this is Arrowhead’s way of tricking players into finally unlocking the mines.

The Helldivers 2 subreddit has been buzzing with posts joking about the conspiracy. One post, in all caps, reads, “IT’S A TRAP. RETREAT. RETREAT. THEY WANT TO GIVE US THE MINES.” This language has permeated other posts, with one even using a popular Star Wars meme template. When a player earnestly asked if the major order’s language suggested they’d be unlocking an older Helldivers weapon, the replies were filled with comments about the great mine conspiracy of 2024.

Why the reluctance to unlock the mines? Simply put, mines aren’t as exciting as a new gun. The previous major order to kill two billion Automatons came at a time when the game was recovering from a PSN outage and suffering from lower player counts. The “trolley problem” choice seemed to poke fun at the mines’ unpopularity but also felt like an admission from the developers that it was an undesirable option. So, how else could the developers get these tools into players’ hands without tricking them?

X-45 has become a popular destination since Arrowhead introduced the new jungle biome. Players have flocked to any planet featuring this new environment, making it logical to place a major order there to ensure the active player base is involved. Unlike previous major orders that required defending or liberating multiple planets, this one only requires holding one planet, making it easier to complete.

At this point, it’s hard to know what to believe. But if Arrowhead has indeed tricked the community into unlocking the mines, it would be a fittingly humorous end to this saga. Many players are now eagerly awaiting next week to see if the mines will finally be unlocked, adding a new chapter to the game’s history.

This situation highlights the complex relationship between developers and their communities. Balancing game development with player expectations is a challenging task, and sometimes, a little trickery might be just what’s needed to keep things interesting.

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