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Havas Red Unveils New Agency Vision, Emphasizing Human Intelligence in the Age of AI

Havas Red has unveiled its new vision, “Agency Intelligence: Intelligent Strategy, Ideas, and People,” as a strategic response to the overwhelming influx of automation technologies in the creative industry. This initiative underscores the agency’s belief that despite the rise of AI, the essence of creativity and strategic thinking must remain deeply rooted in human intelligence.

Shane Russell, CEO of Havas Red Australia, emphasized the irreplaceable value of human intellect in driving original creativity and solving critical client challenges. “We firmly believe that human intelligence is the engine that fuels original creativity and addresses our clients’ most pressing issues,” said Russell. “It’s the intelligent people from various specialized disciplines who enable brands to communicate with purpose, nuance, emotion, and personality. While we embrace automation tools to enhance creative output, artificial intelligence will never substitute for the best ideas, creativity, relationships, and people. As long as we are communicating to humans, we need human insight and smart people at the helm.”

Starting in June, the Agency Intelligence platform will begin shaping content across Havas Red’s owned channels, industry reports, thought leadership pieces, new service offerings, events, and employee training programs. This platform will act as the guiding principle in the agency’s approach to client work.

Havas Red enhances its client strategies with a suite of proprietary IP, measurement, and research tools, supported by a team of strategists and earned creatives. These resources fuel compelling storytelling tailored to diverse audiences across various media.

In Australia, Havas Red represents a diverse portfolio of brands, including Toyota, Lexus, Tourism Tasmania, Norco,, SunRice, Big W, WG&S, Fujitsu, Neoen, Novartis, AusGrid, Dropbox, Terry White Chemmart, and more. The agency’s commitment to leveraging human intelligence alongside advanced automation positions it as a leader in delivering impactful, purpose-driven communication strategies in the ever-evolving creative landscape.

With this innovative approach, Havas Red is poised to redefine the role of human intelligence in the creative industry, ensuring that the human touch remains at the core of brand communication in an increasingly automated world.

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