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Google gets Fast Pair ready to handle the active stylus on the Pixel Tablet

Many improvements have been made to Fast Pair’s Bluetooth bridging capabilities since its 2017 introduction. Recent reports have indicated that the Find My Device service may soon allow customers to track down their missing Fast Pair accessories even when they’re not connected to the internet. If newly uncovered code in the most recent Google Play services update is any indication, the next major innovation coming to the service may involve styluses.

The first is the customary low-battery signal, followed by the suggestion that the user “Consider charging soon.” The next alert occurs after the stylus’s battery life has dropped even lower, and the last alert appears to be sent when the stylus is close to die, as suggested by the “Charge now” description of the string.

This corroborate’s speculation that Google will release a Pixel Tablet–branded stylus at the same time. The mechanism by which this stylus might self-recharge is yet unknown. Unfortunately, as 9to5Google points out, the Pixel Tablet’s design doesn’t reveal anything about whether or not the pen can be charged wirelessly using NFC, as is allowed under the USI 2.0 standard.

According to the latest reports, Google’s flagship tablet will include an 11-inch screen and the same Tensor G2 processor seen in the Pixel 7 family of smartphones. The smartphone will likely come with 128GB and 256GB storage options. Also, Wi-Fi 6 compatibility is anticipated. Google has thoughtfully described the charging port that will be available for purchase alongside the Pixel Tablet.