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Fullscreen For some Google Pixel 7 users, YouTube is glitching everywhere

When compared to the debut of the Pixel 6 two years ago, Google’s most recent iteration of flagship smartphones has been mostly bug-free. It’s not that Google’s Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are without flaws; in fact, drivers have already missed out on music, turn-by-turn navigation, and more due to delayed fixes and Bluetooth difficulties. It seems that yet another critical software fault is making its presence known, this time impacting the ability to watch videos in full screen mode on YouTube’s mobile applications.

Users of the Pixel 7 have reported issues with the app’s uninstall process. Some fullscreen users have reported that their handsets crash or stop when they swipe up on the navigation bar to access the home screen or the recently used applications.

Some customers reported that their Pixels were unusable for many minutes until an automated restart fixed the problem. Most annoyingly, a hard reset using the power and volume buttons failed to solve the problem; the phone must be left alone to do the reset. 9to5Google has found that holding the power button during a power cycle helps when the site is having trouble streaming YouTube or its cable TV replacement.

YouTube hasn’t frozen on any of my review Pixel 7 devices when in fullscreen mode, so it may not be a common problem. Nevertheless, being able to broadcast in fullscreen without the danger of glitching is more important than ever before with YouTube as popular as it is and with live TV headed into a busy season in the US during the present NFL playoff series.