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EVE Online’s 20th anniversary content roadmap is made public by CCP Games

In 2023, the online game EVE Online will be 20 years old, and developer CCP Games has already revealed its intentions for the game’s jubilee year. This year’s plan calls for not one but two expansions, a slew of minor improvements, and the curious addition of Microsoft Excel. The first quarter of the year sees the release of the first wave of these upgrades.

CCP has not revealed the specifics of the forthcoming expansions’ content, but has promised a lot of it. Its most recent expansion, Uprising, came out in November of last year and was the first big one to come out since 2018. The game’s actual 20th anniversary—and to celebrate the occasion—will be commemorated with a special anniversary event in May.

As part of the first patch, players will be able to join faction warfare without betraying their existing alliance, among other quality-of-life improvements. There will be a Lunar New Year celebration, and there will be more seasonal content for Halloween and the next winter.

CCP Games looks to be embracing their game’s status as a “spreadsheet game” with the addition of Excel connectivity. CCP and Microsoft collaborated on the integration, and it will be deployed in closed beta later this month with a full release scheduled for May. Each player will have the option to export their game statistics to Excel. To use Excel, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee (but you may buy it separately from Microsoft for $160 if you like).