Top 10 Best Electronic Insect Zappers 2021

1. Bug Zapper, Electric Mosquito Zapper Outdoor, Insect Trap Indoor, Electronic Insect Killer for Garden Patio

  • Designed with a abs housing to prevent people and pet from accidental contact, place it on a flat surface or hang the bug zapper with the hook in the house
  • The mosquito zapper is use physical method to attract and kill mosquitoes, bugs and other similar flying insects. easy to operate, only plug in and start work for you.
  • The bug zapper uses the 15w uv light attracts flying insect into the device and zap them with high powered 4200v electric grid
  • The coverage area of this electric bug zapper is up to 1500 sq ft. protect for outdoor and indoor, such as patio, garage, deck, lawn, garden, living rooms and other places
  • There is a removable tray helps to collect the insect debris, simply remove the tray to dispose those or use the small brush to cleaning

2. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage

  • Recommended not to be used within 25-feet of area intended for human activity, should not be attached to house or deck or other structures
  • For best results replace the cartridge every 30 days, please refer user manual for troubleshooting and its corrections
  • Avoids the continuing expense and inconvenience of chemical insecticides
  • Advanced electronic insect control; non clogging killing grid; 1/2-acre killing radius, requires plug.
  • Instantaneous operation, continuous and uninterrupted service, uses a 15-watt bulb. the cord is 9” in length
  • Recommended for areas up to 1/2 acre – outdoor use only

3. Bug Zapper, Electric Mosquito Zapper Outdoor, Electronic Mosquito Killer Indoor, Insect Catcher and Trap for House, Deck, Patio

  • The mosquitoes and bugs will be electrocuted once touch the 4200v high voltage powered electric grid, the internal grids also have a abs housing design to prevent children and animals from touching the electrified grids inside the device
  • Easy to operate, plug into electrical outlet, no need batteries. when using this mosquito killer, please turn off or dim the surrounding lights to get the best results. in order to better kill mosquitoes, do not place them in strong winds or next to other light sources
  • The electronic bug zapper contains high intensity ultraviolet light, which lures mosquito, bugs, gnats, moths and other insects into it and kills them with electricity
  • This insect killer can attract mosquitoes both outdoors and indoors, you can hang it with a hook or simply placed on the solid surface, can be widely used in living room, kitchen, deck, patio, garden or other similar places
  • The removable tray at the base of this bug zapper, which makes it easy to clean, just remove the tray and clean it with water or use the provide brush for clean the unit

4. FLOWTRON BK-40-D 40W Outdoor Only Electronic Insect Killer

  • Country of manufacture: united states
  • Patented non-clogging, efficient killing grid
  • Janitorial & cleaning supplies
  • Manufacturer: flowtron
  • Fully assembled, ul certified

5. Bug Zapper- Electronic Flying Insect Pest Trap & Killer, Powerful 4200v Electric Mosquito Zappers Insect Zapper Lamp with Hook for Indoor & Outdoor(Waterproof)

  • 【safe & harmless】 this mosquito killer is made of fireproof and handy abs material, which can be resistant to high temperature and oil, epa registered. sturdy plastic grid protects your baby and pets, preventing accidental contact with the electrical grid. no dazzling. no chemicals. no smell. non-toxic. 100% safe for children, pregnant woman and pets.
  • 【wide application】the coverage area for high-powered electric bug zapper up to 1076 sq ft/100㎡. the topeon light-emitting flying insect trap with hook which can hang it on the tree or the porch of the house or put them out of reach of children,so it fits for outdoor and indoor,such as patio,balcony, garden,farm, camping, fishing etc outdoor,and storeroom, garage, barn,g…
  • 【professional mosquito killer】 physical bug zapper. this insect trap lamp emits 360°special light to lure insects such as mosquitoes, flies,pests etc. then zaps mosquitoes by 3800 to 4200v electric shock. well-built with weather-resistant and waterproof housing make it can be use outdoor/indoor all year round.
  • 【powerful & effective】 it works on most insects,it is capable of killing insects such as mosquitoes, flies, bugs, insects, moths, gnats, fruit flies, horse flies, bees, etc. the electronic mosquito killer operates on 110 volts,use a ultraviolet light efficient to attracts flying insect into the mosquito zapper, then emit a high volt shock kill them.suitable for any envi…
  • 【easy upkeep & cleaning】just remove the hidden tray under the bottom of the insect zapper, and clean it with the brush or flush it with warm water. we offer a no-strings-attached, hassle-free lifetime assurance, you can buy the topeon bug zapper with confidence. if you have any problems please contact us, your inquiries will be taken care of as soon as possible.

6. ASPECTEK 20W Electronic Bug Zapper , Insect Fly Killer – Mosquito, Moth , Wasp , Beetle & Other Pests Killer-Indoor Use Only

  • Zapper mesh screen: the bug zapper with a mesh screen , preventing accidental contact with the electrical grid
  • Simple installation: hang the electronic indoor insect killer by attaching the accompanying chain to the hooks on the top of the unit, or simply place on a solid surface.
  • Bug electronic zapper : insect fly killer lamp attracts mosquitoes, flies, moths, no-see-ums, gnats and other flying insects into the electric fly killer using two light bulbs
  • Comfortable: insects are attracted and easily killed by the insect zapper high voltage metal grids, insect zapper keeping your home comfortable
  • Easy upkeep: the removable plastic tray at the bottom of the unit collects dead insects, and is washable to make maintenance fast and simple. the electric grid is self-cleaning.

7. Bug Zapper for Outdoors, 4000V Electronic Mosquito Zapper for Outdoor and Indoor -Rainproof Insect Killer, Mosquito Killer Lamp for Home, Garden, Backyard, Patio (Square Metal Housing)

  • 2021 advanced bug zapper – easy to set up out of the box. stop mosquitos in their tracks. – keep insects at bay with the us-tested mosquito killer and additional reusable, uses an 18w high-efficiency mosquito killer uv light attracts mosquitoes, flies, moths, and other insects with the particular (365 nm) wavelength, and then zapping them by the 4000v high-voltage grid
  • Chemical-free family protection – keep your family & pets safe and your home bug-free without fear of harmful chemicals and pesticides. no smoke, no smell and no sound. your sleep will not be disturbed because of the presence of these mosquito lamps, because the sahara sailor bug zapper produces noise, smell. eco-friendly and safe this anti-mosquito lamp is 100% safe fo…
  • 4000v powerful pest/insect zap lamp – high-efficiency, non-clogging killing grid. impressive 4000v grid with 3-4 times higher power than alternative bug zappers, provides more reliable and effective indoor and backyard bug control. 960 sq feet coverage.
  • Indoor & outdoor bugs solution – enjoy a good night’s sleep without mosquito interference in your room, and our mosquito lamps protect your room from mosquitoes, without producing noise and having dim light like a nightlight. features photocatalyst design the futuristic design makes these mosquito lights both protect and decorate your room.a great choice for homes on la…
  • Safe weatherproof easy to clean – this bug lamp features a fire-proof weatherproof and anti-flood design; built for indoor and extended outdoor use (comes with a hanging hook); cleans in just 3 steps. remove insect debris once a week: just pull out the collection tray of the electric bug zapper and get rid of them. convenient bonus brush makes cleaning the best, even ea…

8. 6 Packs Electronic Bug Zapper – Indoor Fruit Fly Trap, Insect Pest Attractant Killer with Blue Light- Non-Toxic – Effective Operation UV Insect Killer

  • Safe for human and pets: this indoor fruit fly zapper just uses electrical energy to get rid of irritating insects. this fruit flies traps indoor is safe for human, pets and even pregnant women.
  • More packs, more spaces can be covered: the fruit flies trap includes 6 packs, more options for wherever you want to cover, protect you and your family.
  • Powerful and effective: the fly traps indoors applies a high-effective ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes, fruit flies and other harmful insects, and then they will be zapped immediately.
  • Easy to clean: the insect bug zapper effectively collects the dead insects on the fruit flies trap’s metal grid that can be effortlessly removed for cleaning. just use a small brush to reject, please ensure that you unplug the zapper for fruit flies from ac outlet before cleaning.
  • Customer satisfying policy: with the mission of bringing 100% satisfaction from customers, we are willing to understand your need. if you have any questions about this product, feel free to contact us.

9. Bug Zapper, High Powered Electronic Mosquito Zapper Fly Zapper Mosquito Repellent for Indoor, Home, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Office (16W)

  • 【safe & non-toxic】safe for human and pets, pure physical insect-trap, no chemical, no toxic substances. with this electric mosquito trap no more pesticides or potentially harmful sprays. note: our mosquito trap is not waterproof, please do not use it outdoors on rainy days.
  • 【trap most kind of flying】the electric bug zapper can release specific wavelength to attract mosquitoes, gnats, aedes mosquitoes, flies, moths and other most insects. when the insect near the fly trap, the zapper will trap and electrocute the insect with high voltage grid.
  • 【powerful high voltage bug zapper】the mosquito zapper uses hyacinthine light to attract mosquitoes, gnats, aedes mosquitoes,flies, moths and other insects. then the high voltage grid will trap and electrocute these insects immediately, provides a healthy and comfortable environment for you.
  • 【wide application】the coverage area for this high-powered electric bug zapper up to 3000 sq ft. ideal for use in home, bedroom, kitchen and office. design with a convenient and chain hanging ring allows you to hang it on the tree or the porch of the house.
  • 【easy-to-clean】remove insect debris once a week: just pull out the collection tray of electric bug zapper and get rid of addition, our indoor bug zapper is equipped with a unique cleaning net design, just pull the bottom of the mosquito killer ring to remove the mosquito body of the internal power grid easily.

10. GTOCS Bug Zapper Outdoor Electric, Fly Zapper Mosquito Zapper Electronic Insect Killer

  • Bug zapper outdoor, it can be placed outdoors/indoors, such as patio, backyard, poolside, balcony, bedroom, parlor, etc
  • Mosquito zapper, convenient hanging ring allows mosquito zapper to be hung on the porch, branch and hook
  • Bug zapper outdoor electric, bug zapper uses 15w bulb and 4200v power grid 2-in-1 to eliminate mosquitoes, bugs, flies, moths
  • Bug zapper, the narrow housing interval of mosquito zapper can effectively prevent us from high-voltage power grid by accident
  • Outdoor bug zapper is easy to clean. just need to remove the insects collection tray, and clean up the debris, then rinse with water