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MarkBass Unveils New Budget-Friendly Combo Amps for Musicians of All Levels

Markbass has once again transformed the bass amp market with the launch of its CMB121 and CMB101 Black Line combos. Designed specifically for bassists on a budget, these combos offer the renowned Markbass tone and exceptional build quality without a hefty price tag. Whether you’re grooving in a jam session or commanding the stage at a gig, Markbass’s new combos ensure premium sound and power at your fingertips.

CMB121 Black Line: The Gig Warrior

The CMB121 Black Line is a robust 150W amplifier, equipped with a custom 12” speaker designed to handle diverse musical demands. It is the ideal amp for bassists seeking the perfect blend of volume, clarity, and Markbass’s signature warmth. This makes it a reliable companion for both rehearsals and live performances. The CMB121 Black Line not only delivers powerful sound but also ensures durability, making it a long-term investment for serious musicians.

CMB101 Black Line: The Practice Maestro

For those in need of a more compact solution without sacrificing sound quality, the CMB101 Black Line stands out as the ultimate choice. This 60W combo, featuring a 10” speaker, combines portability with the sonic excellence Markbass is known for. It’s the best practice amp in its class, offering superior tone that elevates your practice sessions to a professional rehearsal quality. The lightweight design ensures easy transportation, making it perfect for musicians on the go.

Feature-Rich for Complete Sonic Exploration

Both combos are packed with essential features for the modern bassist. Enjoy silent practice with the headphone output or mix your bass with your favorite tracks using the aux input. The inclusion of a send/return FX loop on both models allows for easy integration of stompboxes and multi-effects, expanding your tonal palette and creative possibilities.

The meticulously designed control section, featuring a 4-band EQ with dual mid controls, a SCOOPED switch for crisp highs, and a BOOST switch for rich saturation, offers a full spectrum of bass tones at your fingertips. The CMB121 further boasts a balanced XLR line output for direct PA connection, ideal for larger venues, while the CMB101 provides an unbalanced preamp out, perfect for external mixing applications.

Educational Insights

Understanding the technical aspects of these combos can significantly enhance your bass playing experience. The 4-band EQ allows precise control over your sound, enabling you to tailor the low, mid, and high frequencies to suit various music styles. The SCOOPED switch can be particularly useful for slap bass techniques, providing that distinct percussive quality. Meanwhile, the BOOST switch adds a layer of harmonic richness, making your bass lines stand out.

The FX loop is a crucial feature for any bassist looking to experiment with different effects. By placing effects in the loop rather than before the amp, you can achieve a cleaner and more pronounced effect, particularly useful for modulation and time-based effects like chorus and delay.


With Markbass’s new Black Line combos, every bass player now has access to affordable, high-quality amps that don’t compromise on sound or build quality. Whether practicing at home or performing live, these combos ensure that your bass tone is always top-notch. Step into a world of rich, detailed bass sound with Markbass’s CMB121 and CMB101 Black Line – where quality meets affordability.

By integrating these amps into your setup, you can enhance your musical expression and performance, making every note you play resonate with clarity and power. Explore the full potential of your bass playing with Markbass, and elevate your sound to new heights.