When it comes to reading on your phone, dark mode is usually the best option to avoid blasting too much light at your eyes. It also has the added benefit of saving battery consumption on OLED displays, as it avoids lighting up most of the screen. Google’s News app has featured such a mode since 2018, but the service’s web version was only available with a bright theme until today. Thankfully, you can now read the news using dark mode, making it easier on both your eyes and battery.

Whether you’re browsing on desktop or mobile, you can use the menu to change your settings and force the service to be displayed using a dark mode. Depending on your system’s setting, it can even adapt its theme automatically, saving you the trouble of switching it manually.

Interestingly, the feature is only available if you’re logged in to your Google account, which means you won’t get to access the dark theme if you like to read the news incognito.