Cyberthreats: Businesses Unsure Which Tech Is Essential

According to a new study from FortiGuard Labs, most firms are prepared for what’s coming as ransomware assaults rise in number.

According to its Global threat landscape report, based on a poll of 455 business executives and cybersecurity experts across the world, businesses are well-versed in employee cybersecurity education, risk assessment plans, and cybersecurity insurance.

However, there is a significant “gap” in what many respondents consider to be critical technology solutions for security, and the technologies that can best safeguard them against the most prevalent attack techniques.

According to the poll, respondents consider remote workers and the technologies they employ as most crucial.

According to what they think are essential, Secure Web Gateway, VPN, and Network Access Control are the top choices for businesses.

Zero Trust is a popular choice that is still in its infancy; nevertheless, it should be taken into account as a potential alternative to traditional VPNs.

On the back burner, it’s email gateways.

According to the study’s authors, it was “particularly worrisome” that segmentation and UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) weren’t given much weight by the respondents.

The technologies are said to be “vital solutions that keep intruders from moving laterally across the network,” while identifying intrusions and new malware strains, respectively.

Despite the fact that phishing is recognized as a frequent attack vector, the email gateway was low on the list of concerns.

The majority of respondents were concerned about losing data in a ransomware assault, lost productivity, and operations being shut down.

They feel that having a strong incident response procedure, including cybersecurity insurance, is an effective approach to reduce risk.

Almost half of the respondents (49%) said that their incident response strategy urges them to pay the ransom immediately, while a quarter (25%) said it depended on the cost. The report claims that most people who paid the ransom were able to retrieve their data.

Ransomware has increased 1070 percent year over year, according to our research. Unsurprisingly, the changing threat environment was one of the top dangers cited by corporations in preventing ransomware assaults.

There is a significant market for technology solutions like segmentation, SD-WAN, ZTNA, SEG and EDR that can help prevent against the danger of ransomware and the most common methods of access reported by respondents, as demonstrated by our ransomware survey. ”

“The high amount of attacks demonstrates the urgency for organizations to ensure their security addresses the latest ransomware attack techniques across networks, endpoints, and clouds. The good news is that organizations are recognizing the value of a platform approach to ransomware defense.”