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Brave browser wants to help users access Tor easier

Since the most recent version, Brave browser users have a new tool at their disposal in the battle against Internet censorship.

With Brave 1.47, anybody can set up their computer as a proxy server and provide others with access to the Tor browser from anywhere in the globe.

The safe browser has already made measures to circumvent internet censorship by adding support for Tor Bridges in Private Windows with Tor in version 1.44.

However, the business believes that its latest addition will give the Brave community a greater voice in advocating for an open and free internet for anyone notwithstanding their location.

The Snowflake, Tor, and the Brave

The newest version of Brave incorporates Tor’s Snowflake functionality natively. The Tor Project built this peer-to-peer system so that individuals all around the globe may use it to get access to otherwise restricted online resources.

Snowflake, like many of the finest VPN services, allows users in countries with restrictive internet access to access the world wide web freely.

The company Tor, however, states in a blog post (link opens in new tab): “With a Snowflake proxy, you may avoid censorship without installing any extra software (unlike with VPNs). It’s a workaround that preexisting applications already have built in.”

Using a combination of proxy technology and the WebRTC protocol, Snowflake conceals the user’s true online identity while giving the impression that the user is just conducting a video or audio call over the internet. The software will then hand out temporary Tor Bridges to anyone needs them, allowing them to access the restricted content.