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BMW Unveils New XM Model, Experiences Issues in Rainy Conditions

It’s not every day you see luxury cars wrapped in unconventional materials, but this latest BMW certainly takes the cake for uniqueness.

Unveiled at a House of BMW event in Milan, the “Sky is the Limit” makeover for the BMW XM has pushed boundaries further than ever before. The Italian company Alcantara, famous for its signature fabric, has transformed this one-of-a-kind SUV by covering it entirely in their suede-like material, both inside and out.

Given the SUV’s dimensions of 5110mm in length, 2005mm in width, and 1755mm in height, a significant amount of Alcantara fabric was required to wrap the XM. The fabric, a blend of 68 percent polyester and 32 percent polyurethane, covers every inch of the exterior, making it a truly standout vehicle.

Inside, the Alcantara theme continues with a two-tone asymmetric design. The front door panels are mismatched: the right side is completely white, contrasting with the left side’s black elements. Additionally, the interior features M Sport stitching and the colors of the Italian flag woven into the roof, seats, and dashboard. Hundreds of small triangular perforations add to the white 3D geometric pattern on the ceiling.

This isn’t the first time BMW has experimented with dressing up the bold XM model. Earlier this year, they introduced the XM Mystique Allure, featuring a velvet exterior created with the help of Naomi Campbell. Despite these creative efforts, the BMW XM has sparked mixed reactions. Recent reports suggest the SUV won’t see a second generation, with plans for an electric successor apparently shelved. This shift signals a major change in BMW’s strategy for the XM lineup.

In essence, the Alcantara-clad BMW XM highlights a unique fusion of luxury and textile artistry, making it one of the most unusual custom automotive creations. However, its future remains uncertain as BMW rethinks its direction for this polarizing model.

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