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Best Way To Steam Hot Dog Buns

Best Way To Steam Hot Dog Buns

I don’t think food like Hot Dog needs any introduction. It’s an iconic food which one takes for breakfast, for lunch, as a snack, and as dinner as well.

Making hot dogs is not a big mess at all, although it requires only a few ingredients. To make your hot dogs, even more, tastier and delicious, we’ve got a crack for that.

Just use steamed buns in place of regular buns and enjoy the best of soft, warm and moist hot dogs.Now you all might be wondering that where to get these steam buns, right. Well, you don’t have to search for them or purchase them from nearby stores.

As you can prepare them very easily by your very own hands. If you have a grill at your home, the job is done. If you have a microwave at your home, the job is done.

And if you’ve gas stove at your home, this does the job as well. Here in this article, we’ll be looking at all the three different ways through which you can steam your buns.

So stay connected and read carefully.

How To Steam Hot Dog Buns

By making use of the Grill

Your grill is not only limited to making barbecues, but you can even take advantage of your very own grill for steaming buns.● Just take a spray bottle or purchase a new one and fill it full with clean water. ● Spritz the water lightly, inside and outside the hot dog buns. Take care you won’t soak the buns, all you need is just layer of mist over it.● Cover or wrap each of the buns properly with the help of aluminum foil.● Place the wrapped buns over the lit grill for few minutes and flip it once. Do not place out directly over the heat, instead place it over upper rack or sides of the grill.● Remove the aluminum foil to get the steamed buns.

By making use of the microwave:-

● Take a paper towel and spritz a few drops of water using stay m spray bottle, do not soak it as you just to damp it little.● Cover or wrap the buns under the soaked paper towel carefully and place it under a microwave.● Microwave it for about 10 minutes (may vary add per your model) and take it out. Make sure you do not overcook it, as it will go mushy.

By making the use of Stove Top:-

● Take a boiling pot and add few inches of water at the bottom of the pot. ● Lit the gas burner at the medium pace and wait until the water starts boiling.● Take a rack or steamer basket and put in into the pot. You have to make sure it does not come in direct touch with the water. Now, place the hot dog buns over the top of the steam basket or rack and cover it with the lid.● Steam the buns for about 30-60 seconds and then remove it from the pan. ● Your steamed hot dog bun is prepared.