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What is the Best Microwave Under $100?

Best Microwave Under $100

A perfect microwave can bring a lot of difference at your meal time. Having a perfect microwave doesn’t mean to spend a lot of money. Yeah! That’s true. We here will be helping you in finding a ‘perfect microwave’



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Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKB 1.1 Foot Microwave

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Westinghouse Counter Top Rotary 0.6 Foot Microwave, WCM660B

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Frigidaire FFCM0724LB 700-Watt Countertop Microwave

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Kenmore 73092 0.9 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven

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Danby Designer DMW111KPSSDD 1.1 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave

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that too under the price tag of $100. We’ll be mentioning some of the top microwaves available in the market under the selected budget. These top models will bring an amazing change at your dining tables.Why Should buyers Look For A Perfect Microwave? :-

There are numerous models of microwaves available in the sector that very largely over their price. It is upon buyer’s to select for an appropriate one. Selecting an ideal microwave will not only serve best at your meals but will also last for a longer period. This is the reason why buyers should look around different options before buying a microwave. 

#Top Microwaves Under $ 100

​​​1.)Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKB 1.1 Foot Microwave

Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKB is truly a perfect microwave that compliments your kitchen. It’s been one of the top-selling microwave available in the market. It is equipped with a 1000 Watts powerful motor that delivers quality food at your kitchen.

It has ten different power adjustment levels so that you can cook from 10% power to 100% power. Moreover, it also has Six One-Touch Cooking function for the different type of food that includes popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, beverage,

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and dinner. Beside this, features like Defrost by time or weight, Removable Rotating Glass, and Keypad lock make it a high-quality product. Digital display plus LED lights give this appliance a classy look.

The actual capacity of this microwave is 1.1 cubic feet with inner dimensions of 13.9 x 14.5 x 9.1 inches and outer of 20.2 x 16.54 x 12 inches. Users are provided with one-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty over this product.

2.) Westinghouse Counter Top Rotary 0.6 Foot Microwave, WCM660B

Westinghouse WCM660B is a high-quality product from the brand. The appliance is very compact that can be easily stored in your kitchen. The capacity of this appliance is 0.6 cubic feet and has a lightweight design. The actual weight of this microwave is 23.1 pounds. It operates on a 600 Watts motor, besides this, it features

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 Six-Power level for the different type of cooking. Using this, you can adjust the power of microwave as per need. So melt chocolates or butter, reheat food, or cook food by using this feature. All these functions can be controlled with a mechanical dial controller. Another dial control is present at the microwave which is used for setting

cook time. The device is easy to clean, at the same time its removable glass turntable is dishwasher safe. The outer dimensions of the appliance are 17.75 x 12.5 x 10.25 inches. Overall, it’s a good product which is easy to operate and can be considered ideal for small apartments, studios, and dorms..

3.) Frigidaire FFCM0724LB 700-Watt Countertop Microwave

Frigidaire FFCM0724LB is a quality product that performs quick cooking. This is another affordable microwave which can be described by the word ‘Simplicity.’ Looking at the design, it is quite small and compact. It has got a unique shape and modern looks. Over the RHS, there are buttons present for a different type of cooking that is

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so simple to operate. It has a capacity of 0.7 cubic feet which is a decent one. The LED display gives it classy looks whereas safety lock option is also very useful. You cannot compare the performance of this appliance with other big microwaves. But under this category, it performs well. Features like auto-cook, defrost, auto reheat and

two-stage cooking does there job effectively. For making popcorns, potato, pizza, and meals, there are 7 Auto-cook and four reheat options available. The microwave weighs about 22 pounds by sharing inner dimensions of 12 x 8.2 x 11.5 inches and outer of 17 x 10.1 x 13 inches.

4.) Kenmore 73092 0.9 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven

The brand name of Kenmore is self-sufficient to describe its products. Kenmore 73092 is a 0.9 cubic feet countertop microwave, loaded with a bulk of features. This is another great option for the buyer’s under this price tag. It is equipped with a 900 Watts motor,

which is a bit low for a countertop microwave but Kenmore 73092 gives you effective cooking. One of the best features of this appliance is its Multi-stage cooking, by which you can program various cooking stages along with their time                                                                                                                         

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So when one stage ends, the next will begin automatically. Meanwhile, you can engage yourself with other tasks in your kitchen. User’s don’t know the power level or cook time for every dish they cook.

At such time, its 6 Smart-Touch Settings comes into play. By this, you just have to select the program and rest of the job will be done by your appliance. Looking at its specs, the oven weighs 29 pounds and shares dimensions of 14.29 x 19.02 x 11.06 inches

5.) Danby Designer DMW111KPSSDD 1.1 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave

Danby DMW111KPSSDD is a compact-sized 1.1 cubic foot countertop microwave oven. The appliance is considered ideal for smaller kitchens. Thanks to its large digital display that makes this device easy to use. It is built with 1000 Watts of power, which is a great number.

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Many microwaves with just (500-800 power) are limited to making popcorn or reheating beverages. But with 1000 Watts of power, you can perform many other tasks. It also has six One-Touch Cooking Program that includes popcorn, pizza, beverages, potato, frozen dinner, and reheat. Beside this, for precise heat distribution, it has ten different power levels that can be used as per food requirement.

 This will prevent your food from being overcooked or undercooked. The inside of the microwave is built with stainless steel, which handles heat properly. This also leads to consistent heat distribution. Looking at the specifications, the appliance weighs 36.6 pounds and comes with a dimension of 15.94 x 21.22 x 11.81 inches.