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The Best Heat Gun In 2019

Heat guns are one of the major power tools, to facilitate a lot of work. There are not many cases in which you need, but his life diy much easier with one. Whether you paint stripping, welding, or thaw frozen pipes, you need to find suitable heat gun for you.

1. Wagner Spraytech 0503008 Heat Gun

Wagner is a german company that is known for creating best spray paint tools. However, they are quick to point out that they are doing much more than simply spray tools for your car. The heat gun spraytech wagner is one of his new products in these vain and we selected as our best option heat weapon in this list.

In the excellent price of $ 23. 99 (at the time of writing), which is one of the best and impressive guns heat market. For these reasons, it has quickly become a bestseller weapon goes online. The itself is light yellow, hard and light in a case has manage to keep it simple, make.

There are three easy-to-use to settings in the handle between let ‘low,’ or ‘highly select off’ – setting low is 750 ° fahrenheit and the high setting is 1000 ° fahrenheit. This gives the flexibility to perform a wide range of different locations with the wagner heat difficult from excessive thawing of ice in the freezer bolts.

With to solve firearm all this power, it is expected would be pretty heavy. But it could be, are wrong. Actually only weighs 1. 9 pounds and is small enough to obtain, in tight spaces. This and the fact, you can buy additional nozzles it makes it a very versatile tool.

The nozzle is, with the completely corrosion resistant and has an integrated hook hanging so you can think of the way when not in use. Due to the fact, the nozzle is very hot, it is very important to have a way it sets it safe if they are not heated with it.

It faster than most hot air blower and is amazingly quiet when it is in full force, more can be said than for most power tools. You should have no problem with the neighbors! the only problem we found is with this weapon, that it does not it will last forever.

Some comments on amazon complain that the product optionally after several uses. It comes with a 2-year warranty, but if you want a product that decades of use will stand, be spend more money. Be sure to check our leader and nails to the best guns.

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2. SEEKONE Heat Gun

If you are looking to hard in hard to reach areas or just melt the wax a stubborn stickers to remove, you can trust this heat gun to get work fast and easy. It is built to heat much fast, raising the temperature to over 600 degrees celsius at 1800 operating watt.

It can be operated in low and high temperature, gives the flexibility work in small and large fixed projects. For control and protection, these heat gun against overload and helps prevent circuit damage while in use. There are different types of nozzles (4) for various tasks – two for the concentration of heat on another surface for deflecting heat in narrow spaces as for the reflectance and heat dispersion evenly, so that the flexibility to do their job.

It is a permanent tool that may take a long time, even after repeated use. Compared with similar products seekone heat gun is a great value and is very recommended.

3. Genesis GHG1500A Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit

Next on the list is the ghg1500a genesis. It is the heat gun that we have cheap inclusive, and less than $ 20, which is an absolute bargain. But as with all cheap products, always a little more careful about their quality. If you spend $ 200, you expect kind of just that it to work.

Therefore, if something a tenth of that price, we must look a little deeper. Fortunately, this product stands. There are some potential problems and outlines first. You select the temperature setting, a very similar use 3-position switch to the gun wagner, and has two heat settings – 750 ° f and 1500 ° f – which makes it even more powerful.

The problem is that some customers are not 100% sure you can handle the extra heat in the beginning. Your likely that a period of, incinerate, rightly used before it is used. This means you need to ruin on the highest settings, preferably the outdoors, and make sure that it works properly.

Remember how wear in. Other pair of rigid shoes that genesis ghg1500a looks like a great product. That in fact, it comes with a choice of three different nozzle options. These are deflector nozzles and reflectors and gives a greater flexibility called to complete various tasks with the gun.

It’s a little heavier than first weapon, but the difference is negligible, and still feel super lightweight in its hand. Of course should any cheap power tools are equipped with a warning. Not as safe and as good as a hot air gun or makita milwaukee done for example.

But do not comply with all relevant safety standards and comes with a 2-year warranty for home use. The bottom line is that if you to use planning your heat gun the time, all you might want to invest in a better. However, for small jobs, this is the trick well.

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4. BLACK+DECKER HG1300 Dual Temperature Heat Gun

Black & decker is one of the most popular tools manufacturer. His name is synonymous with quality and good value, so we had hg1300 include black & decker on our list. This heat gun is ideal for i faded nut release thawing of ice and even welding. Your driven by a 1,350-watt motor which emits a lot of energy, but little on the noisy side, if we are honest.

Therefore, if you plan to use your heat gun in the middle of the night, you can see elsewhere. But when you are a normal person, who makes his diy day, read on. On what really stands out in the hg1300 is high-quality, durable orange case. This is a feature of all black & decker tools and allows you to he knows that it does not break so easily.

In addition, because it is bright orange, which is easy to find and in each set of tools looks good. Another slight problem is that does not come with protective cover, solve that would be what awaits for price. Like heat gun wagner, you have two temperature settings: 750 ° c and 1000 ° c while this is not as powerful as the other two firearms, remains certainly enough to run hot to successfully become one of the tasks that had expected from a hot air blower.

And however is the lightest heat gun only weighs to 1. 7lbs. They not mentioned on the list of products on additional nozzles, but it is an image of a model with a so you they take are available to them. It also has a built-in support that allows you if not in use can cool gun.

In short, it is a fantastic choice of medium price range of a company with an excellent call. And if you do not trust them, have a guarantee of two years anyway. Tools love? visit the best rauber for our picks. Show top more our view.

5. DEWALT D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun with LCD Display

Dewalt is one of those brands that are known for their excellent quality. They have almost all power tools under the sun, and dewalt d26960k is one of the best. It was to be our best choice is definitely a strong contender, product because it really takes the idea of ​​a hot-air gun to the next level.

You may have noticed that most of the hot air blower follow a standard design the two heat settings. This is the first area that is d26960k different. It has an lcd screen, you can adjust the temperature in steps of 150 ° f 50 ° f to 1100 ° f.

This makes it by far versatile precision tool we have presented. It is given the ability the exact temperature i for each job to find suitable, which is another doing. The the good thing about this product is that it comes with many accessories. Seven different nozzles, a pair of scraper color obtained and other different tools, all in a sturdy carrying case.

Dewalt really have thought of everything so that you are so ready for work, as it opens up the box. In regarding the safety features which has a goat leg built innovative in the body of the heat gun. It is a protection of the cord to stop cord if you discard it stand or get them caught.

It also has a overload protection system that prevents the element from burning heating, eventually make longer the product. This is simply one of the best heat guns on the market. Coarser similar products by checking our guide to the best most wireless drills.

6. PORTER-CABLE PC1500HG 1500-Watt Heat Gun

Well, a little more seriously. Porter cable is pc1500hg suitable for people who want to use their heat gun regularly. Your higher quality in almost all aspects of the cheapest ways and what it is a big improvement over its predecessor, heat gun, porter cable 1700.

For begin, we have as it looks updated. Porter has recognizable color of the cable housing covers a hard look. And not only tough looking, it will endure some heavy blows. Han an ergonomic handle rubber is also included, which has a power switch with two temperature options.

Unlike the previous two hot air blowers who do hot obvious what each setting, but we have proven 900f and 1150 ° f. Interestingly, sense is not as powerful as the heat genesis firearm but still have a lot of pushing to get the done. One work of the best features of this product is the support base speakerphone.

This means you can put him on his back and let cool the nozzle while reducing the risk overturned. As if that is not enough, they have also added a built-in hook for delivery safety. Other that there is a power cord 6ft high quality. This ensures condition the right amount of power outlet, even if your work in the cold.

Overall, we are big fans of this product. It is the perfect a compromise between a cheap gun to buy heat and spend hundreds of dollars in one of the best. We can highly recommended for anyone who is plans to use a semi-regular gun heat. Our handy guide to the best electric paint spray has larger products such as more this.

7. Makita HG551V 1020-Degree Heat Gun

The next heat gun on our list is developed for industrial applications. That it includes welding pendulum heat reduction copper tubes welding, plastic tube formation and more. Probably none offered by heat guns could cause do these tasks, but makita hg551v 1,020-degree heat gun the best and longer.

The the rubber body work is designed to have perfect balance when sitting on the hand. And unlike most heat guns that temperature controls are at the top of the gun instead of the handle. These features make it much easier for a long time to keep.

Temperature controls are more advanced a little than the other heat firearms. It does not constitute an lcd screen as a weapon dewalt have, but has a choice that are eleven different temperature options. These range from the minimum temperature of 180 ° f to 1020 ° f.

This gives you much area to find the perfect temperature and accurately perform the task. Also, it has two different speeds of the fan (8. 8 and 16 cfm), so you can even control how powerful the weapon best thing about this heat gun . The it is as it is.

You get little vibration or noise when operation and the whole thing just feels like it will last forever. Inside the gun, which has a ceramic core, which protects the heating element. This means it will not burn in a few years, the same as most is the cheapest guns.

The is only small drawback with each does not come additional nozzles. They can be purchased separately, but if you pay almost $ 100, that would solve what is to be expected. It even has a carry case with space for them! if you love tools visit our leaders best sets.

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8. MasterWorks – Heat Gun

The masterworks heat gun is an interesting entry in this list. It is not definitely from a known company, not the cheapest, and it is it is not the best. So why we decided it deserves a place on the list the best heat guns? well, because it is by far the feature is loaded heat gun for less than $ 30 course, you could go for our best option, but if additional deficiency nozzles, a plurality of temperature settings and other accessories, they will spend much more.

So think of this as our second gun. It heat better offer comes with five different accessories it includes a reflector nozzle has a deflector nozzle, nozzle reduction, scraper, and our favorite – a barbecue lighter. This means you are for everything from lighting the coal to remove color fully equipped a wall.

It also has three different temperature settings – 122 ° f, 752 ° f and 1022 ° f therefore, it is not as versatile as makita and dewalt firearms, even having a better options. It than most of the household a cooling mode that allows cooling the weapon faster normally would.

And there is a small vent rubber stop handle is hot. We have not seen these features in any part of the heat weapons so far, which sells for a company its products is impressive cheaply. It powered by a 6. 2-meter cable with power, you can give the same space to move as you expect without wireless.

The only real problem we can see with it is that it has a lot of reviews on amazon, so it’s hard to say how it will perform in the long run. But come with a 2-year warranty, so you can hedge your bets. You may also be suitable see our guide to the best spirit levels.

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9. Milwaukee Electric Tools 2688-21 M18 Heat Gun Kit

The milwaukee 2688-21 m18 is the father of hot air guns. Well, at least the most i hope it’s because there are more than three times more than the next costs competitors in this list. So what makes it so special? well, it is a some things. First, it is designed for use by professional traders.

If you need some ice in the freezer or loosen a screw thaw it can not lose, you probably do not need this weapon. This is designed to professionals who need a reliable tool for the heating pipes and other applications. One can say that it is designed for intensive use due construction quality.

It is made last. The second big difference it is that the battery feeds. Instead of being fed by a long, cumbersome power cables that takes its power from a battery redlithium ™. This is own brand of powerful, portable and rechargeable batteries milwaukee.

You can heat up 40 connections on a single charge and buy extra batteries if you think you have to them. The only real criticism we would have of this product, it is that it can not be set, temperature. It is impressive that can be achieved by a battery 1000f and ensures that the temperature in less than 6 seconds.

But that does not take away from the fact that it is the only heat gun here without adjustable temperature. You need to decide how important it is the work that needs to for. It, is also compact electric heat gun more order, that is, it is great that hard to come under the scope areas.

But everything does this with a big price tag, and it’s up to you if i think it’s worth it. This makes a perfect gift for your loved diy ones. Show more.

10. Master Appliance Master HG Series Heat Gun

Master appliance heat gun master series hg looks more like a turbo hairdryer industrial hot air blower. But it is not fooled by their appearance, it is as good as any heat gun modern look in this list. The reason, differs from many other hot-air blower on the market is that it different.

It has an aluminum die-casting, the painted in bright red color. In the back there is a flat rubber support to be great easy when not in use to rest. And it is out of the parts they are easily interchangeable, so that it can fix and maintain itself.

Not many companies think about how they make their products take a long time. It is a culture, to create products that last a few years and then break, but that’s not the style of the master appliance. Heating elements, brushless motor and other parts are easy to source and fit yourself.

The model we have chosen two heating has – 750 ° c and 1000 ° f – but it if you want something more or less powerful many different options. This heat is provided by the powerful motor, which is mounted with a foot 6 power cable. The only drawback is that comes with a nozzle and is not if you can of course get another.

If you can not, then it is not very versatile, but still a solid product. Our guide to the best welders offers the best products to this out. Show check more.