Top 10 Best As Seen On Tv Can Openers 2020

1. 7 In 1 One Touch Kitchen Can Opener Bottle Jar Do As Seen On TV Knife Slicker EA

  • Can or jar quickly and easily!kitchen tool is the only tool with seven openers breaks the seal, lifts the lid, twists the cap,
  • Material:plastic
  • Features :100% brand new and high quality7-in-1 kitchen toolopen any bottle,
  • Color: white&green
  • Size:200*50 mm

2. Original Safety Can Express As Seen On TV by BulbHead – Easy One-Touch Operation – Effortless Electric Can Opener Leaves Smooth Edges – Works On All Types of Cans – Lids Fit Back In Place for Storage

  • Can lid stays in place: how many times have you opened a can to have the lid fall inside or create a mess with safety can express, your lid stays in place until you’re ready to remove it, preventing spills and messes. just pop the top after you release the can.
  • Reuse the lids: have leftovers in that can why make another dish cans opened with safety can express can reuse the lids to save leftovers. try it on opened canned dinners or wet pet food that can easily spoil. you’ll save money and time!
  • Locks cans in place: safety can express’s powerful magnet locks your can in place so it won’t slip or fall while the electric can opener removes your lid, making for a hands-free can opening experience!
  • Works with all types of cans: use safety can express on broken pop-top cans, dented cans, big heavy cans, odd-shaped cans, too
  • Measures: 4.5″ w x 10″ h x 5″ d
  • Smooth edge can opener: other can openers are dangerous. they leave sharp edges on the can and lid that can cause injury. safety can express opens your can without leaving dangerous sharp edges on the lid or the can! in fact, the edges are so smooth you won’t pop a balloon! finally, you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself on that sharp edge!

3. Robotwist Deluxe 7321 Automatic Jar Opener As Seen, Higher Torque for Improved Jar Opening Performance On TV

  • Automatic system it can open jar lids automatically without any unnecessary effort. to use it, you need only set it down over the jar, press the button, and watch the vice grips hold the unit in place and twist off the jar lid.
  • Perfect for everyone the design of this jar opener focuses on making life easier for people with limited grip strength such as kids, elderly and people with arthritis.
  • Higher torque the robo twist deluxe 7321 is a newer version of robo twist jar opener that has an improved torque power which can easily open the tightest and toughest lids of any jars.
  • Fits any jar this robotic jar opener is constructed with 2 large twisting vice grips that can hold 1.2 to 3.5 inches diameter of lids, making it compatible to different sizes and types of jars and jar lids.
  • Easy storage for compact storage, press the button to “open” a jar on the unit. this will reset the arms to their innermost position. doing so makes the small unit even smaller.

4. Amazon Electric Can Opener and Jar opener one touch Electric Automatic Bottle Jar Opener Electric One Touch Can Opener As Seen On TV Two piece set in one

  • It open cans at a faster speed of 5 seconds.
  • Help people with arthritis.
  • Amazon automatic bottle jar opener electric one touch can opener as seen on tv
  • Quality is guaranteed.
  • Jar openers are easy to use.

5. Tornado Can Opener – Hands Free, Automatic 1-Touch Smooth Edge with Built-In Retrieval Magnet – Great for Arthritis Sufferers – Red

  • Retrieval magnet – no more fishing out lids
  • Patented design – eliminates sharp edges
  • Hands free design – just press a button!
  • Works on any size or thickness
  • Perfect for arthritis sufferers

6. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener: Open Your Cans with A Simple Push of Button – No Sharp Edge, Food-Safe and Battery Operated Handheld Can Opener(Red)

  • 【easy operation】two taps to open any cans with our electric can opener. push the button to turn it on. it cuts cans 360° along the lid. push the button again to stop — easy!
  • 【user-friendly, ergonomic design】a great help for people with challenges gripping, best friend for elderly suffering from arthritis problem.
  • 【the last electric can opener you’ll need】the kitchen mama automatic can opener is the best hands-free can opening solution for you! 4 aa batteries make it work like a charm! **batteries not included**
  • 【safety design】the blade cuts along the side of the lid without touching the food inside. leave no sharp cuts. — super safe!
  • 【enjoy the best cooking experience】your hands deserve to be treated like royalty! no effort. no injury. save your energy. save time. yes you can.

7. Robo Twist 1014 Automatic Jar Opener As Seem On TV (Pack of 2)…

  • Easy to use: position it on the lid, press the easy-switch button, and watch it rotate and uncap tight-fitting lids from jars.
  • Very low energy-expenditure requirement is so easy on your pocket!
  • Rob twist adjusts to fit any jar sizes and s a firm grip around lids
  • Compact for easy storage; and definitely a very smart kitchen gadget!
  • Size: 7. 2 inches long; weighs 0. 80 lbs