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Apple Warns Against Rice Method for Wet Phones: Here’s Samsung’s Surprising Response!

“Apple vs. Samsung: The Verdict on the Rice Trick for Saving Your Drenched Cellphone

The longstanding dwelling treatment of rescuing water-soaked smartphones by burying them in rice has been formally challenged by Apple, sparking curiosity about Samsung’s stance on the matter. With over a billion customers worldwide hanging onto Samsung’s each phrase, the tech behemoth shared its insights completely with Yahoo Finance.

“Putting a moist cellphone in dry rice is just not one thing I’d advise,” acknowledged Nathan Rigger of Samsung Australia, debunking the favored hack. As some Samsung smartphones boast water resistant options, Rigger emphasizes that the therapy for a moist system must be tailor-made to its specs.

Samsung, aligning its suggestions with Apple, additionally discourages the rice technique following Apple’s latest advisory replace. The query then arises: what must you do in case your Samsung cellphone takes an sudden dive?

For Water-Resistant Samsung Units:

  • Dry Completely: Use a comfortable, clear material to wipe down the system.
  • Wait Earlier than Charging: Make sure the cellphone is totally dry earlier than connecting chargers or equipment to keep away from harm.
  • Verify Audio High quality: If the microphone, speaker, or receiver will get moist, it may have an effect on sound high quality.

For Non-Water-Resistant Units:

  • Take away Elements Shortly: Take out the SIM card, SD card, and many others., promptly.
  • Towel Dry: Use a dry towel for preliminary drying, then head to a Samsung Electronics Service Centre.
  • Keep away from Powering On: To stop inner moisture harm, don’t activate the system. Search skilled service as quickly as doable.

Why Rice Is Not Really helpful:

Echoing Apple’s latest warning, the rice technique might introduce new issues, similar to rice particles inflicting inner harm. Apple additionally advises in opposition to charging with a twine if a ‘liquid detected’ alert seems, suggesting wi-fi charging as a safer various.

Moist iPhone? This is What Apple Suggests:

  • Disconnect Energy: Unplug any chargers or adapters.
  • Drain Extra Liquid: Gently faucet the system with the charging port dealing with down.
  • Air Dry: Depart the iPhone in a well-ventilated space.
  • Reconnect After 30 Minutes: Verify for the ‘liquid detected’ alert earlier than charging once more.
  • Keep away from Warmth and Compressed Air: Do not use exterior warmth sources or compressed air for drying.

Each tech giants spotlight the significance of cautious dealing with {and professional} recommendation for moist gadgets, steering away from the once-popular rice trick. Whether or not you are Group Samsung or Group Apple, the message is evident: skip the pantry and go for endurance {and professional} care in your water-logged smartphone.”