Android 11 Arrives on the LG Wing: The Last Phone from Android

The Android 11 upgrade has now begun rolling out to LG Wing owners, showing that the company hasn’t forgotten about its followers… yet. nThe update should include many of the Android 11 features we’re used to, such as conversation bubbles and a few other modifications that are most likely unique to the Wing:

  • Conversation bubbles will appear over your screen and notify you of a new message by way of a floating bubble.
  • LG APK to Google APK in R-OS: Wireless Emergency Alert has been modified.
  • Tap&Pay: Tap & pay is under Settings Connected devices NFC. When NFC is on, Tap&pay will appear and vanish when it’s switched off.
  • The following options have been removed from the Settings menu: WiFi Hotspot, Manage Connections, and 802.11 Mode.

Even if the Android update appears to be late when compared to other exceptional Android phones already on Android 12, LG is still delivering new versions of the OS in a timely manner. It’s not that LG has been slow in the past; it’s just that it isn’t any longer. Now that LG no longer participates in the mobile business, smartphones aren’t likely at the top of its list of priorities.

LG stated that it would release a new mobile operating system every three months, and that the LG V50 will get Android 10.1 in 2021. The company did, however, guarantee “up to three iterations of Android operating system upgrades” for smartphones released in 2019 and beyond. That means the LG Wing will receive Android 13 when it is released, as well as the LG Velvet and LG V60, both of which current have Android 11.

Software Update 8 has now been released for the LG Wing, although the changelog on Verizon’s support site isn’t currently live. There don’t appear to be any significant changes, but the device performs better. For example, going from standard to swivel orientation seems to happen faster and more smoothly than before, despite the fact that we’ll have to experiment further.

If you’re still using an LG smartphone from last year, go to Settings > System updates > Check for new system update to see if there’s an update available. We’ve noticed it on our Verizon phone, but it could soon be available on other carriers and territories as well. The wait is now over; Android 12 has arrived.