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AirPods Max Apparently Has a Condensation Problem That Builds up Inside Earcups When Used for Prolonged Periods

The $549 AirPods Max currently have a problem that every user needs to read about before getting one of these. It’s not the ludicrously high price tag, in case you were wondering, but a condensation problem. Apparently, if you use them for too long, water droplets form on the inside of the earcups, and that can eventually lead to an irreparable problem down the road if not tackled appropriately.

Water Droplets Formation Possibly Happening Due to the Tight Fit of the AirPods Max Earcups, Causing Sweat Buildup

Donald Filimon, who also highlighted the problem on Twitter, provides the following details on Reddit about what he has experienced thus far.

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“Been using them inside at my desk, a little cold in the room but besides that pretty casual. Honestly have kept them so far away from any moisture because of their lack of water resistance. Absolutely love them, but this is a very concerning thing for me. Not sure how widespread this is, but I just noticed this yesterday because of the ear detection not functioning properly. The headphones seem to restore back to normal functionality when dry, but the fact that they condensate is interesting.”

Filimon has stated that when condensation starts happening inside, there are ear detection issues. However, the problem occurs when the AirPods Max are used for very long periods, say several hours. Before our readers get all livid and start pointing fingers at Apple for this design flaw, hear us out. Water droplets forming on the inside of the earcups isn’t abnormal at all. There’s moisture buildup as a result of sweat from the ear.

Since the AirPods Max deliver a tight fit to create a nice seal to block out surrounding noise when Active Noise Cancellation is enabled, the ear cushions trap air and heat, contributing to the entire condensation process. Thankfully, these earcups are easily removable. Current AirPods Max owners are reminded to take them out after their prolonged listening session to wipe the water droplets and prevent any unnecessary damage to the drivers.

You’ll avoid any additional expenses with this practice and keep your over-ear headphones with you for a longer period.

News Source: Reddit