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According to an alleged internal Apple document, Wi-Fi 6E may only be available on iPhone 15 Pro models

If the latest iPhone rumour is to be believed, Apple will exploit wireless connection as a selling point for the next generation of iPhones. We said a few days ago that iPhone 15 will have Wi-Fi 6E built in. Now, a fresh leak based on a purported Apple internal paper reveals that the Pro models will be the only ones to have this functionality.

A leak from user Unknownz21 (@URedditor) indicates that this functionality won’t make it onto the base model iPhone 15s. With the release of the new M2-chip-based Macs, Apple has started incorporating the newest generation of Wi-Fi into its devices.

Is this a hint that the A16 chip, which has been around since the iPhone7, will be used in the iPhone 15?

In this case, the leak is accompanied with a credible paper detailing the antenna design of the iPhone 15 models, revealing details on how wireless connectivity would be implemented in the next handsets. iPhone D8x, which is meant to relate to the Pro versions, has its antenna details shown in the graphic, whereas iPhone D3y, which is meant to refer to the plain iPhone 15 devices, does not.

Wi-Fi 6 seems to be around for the iPhone 15 variants, while Wi-Fi 6E is reserved for the Pro series. Changes reflected in the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 are denoted by the document as D7x and D2y, respectively. MacRumors also claims to have seen further paperwork substantiating the Wi-Fi 6E exclusivity.

It’s possible that Apple will use the same A16 chipset from the iPhone 14 series in the iPhone 15 series as well, given the apparent distinction between the two. Only the iPhone 15 Pro versions may have Apple’s fancy new A17 processor, which, like the brand-new M2, will include Wi-Fi 6E.

More information is anticipated to emerge in the coming months, but we won’t know for certain until the next update to Apple’s top iPhones is released later this year.