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PlayStation Plus May Introduce an Exciting New Feature to Its Games

Sony is potentially revolutionizing PlayStation Plus by adding achievements to older titles. By introducing trophies to the PSP classic Super Stardust Portable on the subscription service, Sony might be paving the way for more engaging rewards for players.

While Sony has stated that not all re-released classic PlayStation games need to include trophies, they have mentioned that some titles, such as Super Stardust—a game about interstellar combat—may offer this feature. According to a PlayStation Plus developer blog, “certain original PlayStation and PSP titles may give trophies… this functionality is optional for developers.” They suggested that classics like Ape Escape, Hot Shots Golf, and IQ Intelligent Qube could benefit from this enhancement.

However, this decision is ultimately up to the developers, and there’s no guarantee that all fan-favorite classics will get trophy support. For example, Ed Nightingale from Eurogamer noted that another PSP game from a similar first-party developer, LocoRoco, still lacks trophy support.

Classic Games at Their Best

PlayStation Plus offers a lot of excellent titles, even for those who aren’t interested in collecting trophies. The classic catalogue is a major perk for premium subscribers, featuring games like Limbo and the Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 collections.

While it’s surprising to see Limbo listed as a classic, it’s better to focus on its timeless appeal rather than the passage of time. For those seeking to satisfy their achievement cravings, Limbo is an excellent choice.

Released by Playdead in 2010, Limbo is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer. The goal is to find your sister in a world filled with giant, flesh-eating spiders and monstrous water creatures.

Although Limbo’s visuals and story aren’t revolutionary, Playdead’s emphasis on unique puzzles and a distinctive art style made it stand out. Knowing the game’s potential and seeing it meet expectations enhanced the enjoyment.

Achievements aren’t essential for having a great time with a game, but they could add extra fun to the classic titles in the PS Plus library. Reviving replayable classics like Limbo with added features would improve the overall gaming experience.

Bringing Modern Rewards to Classic Games

Adding achievements to classic games could revitalize the PlayStation Plus experience. While not every game will feature this, the potential for increased replay value and player engagement is significant. Games like Ape Escape and Hot Shots Golf could attract both new and returning players with new trophies to earn.

Sony’s move to give developers the option to include trophies is a step in the right direction. It acknowledges the value of nostalgia while catering to modern gaming habits. Whether or not all classic titles will adopt this feature, there’s potential to breathe new life into these beloved games.

In summary, Sony’s initiative to add achievements to classic PlayStation Plus titles could mark the start of a rewarding era for players. With a mix of old and new, the gaming experience on PlayStation Plus could become even more compelling.