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A fantastic feature might soon be included in PlayStation Plus games

Sony has demonstrated that it may revitalise stale PlayStation Plus titles by retrospectively adding achievements. The addition of awards to the PSP classic Super Stardust Portable on the subscription service is, ideally, the beginning of a revolution in the form of rewards for players.

If a classic PlayStation game like Super Stardust, a game about interstellar combat, is re-released for the PS5, Sony has stated that it need not include trophies. Sony said that “certain original PlayStation and PSP titles may give trophies… this functionality is optional for developers” in a PlayStation Plus dev blog. It also suggested certain classic games like Ape Escape, Hot Shots Golf, and IQ Intelligent Qube that would benefit from this enhancement.

Although it appears to be a developer-level choice, there’s no guarantee that all of our favourite classic titles will have trophy support in the future. Also, as Ed Nightingale of Eurogamer pointed out, another PSP game developed by a similar first-party firm, LocoRoco, does not yet feature trophy support.

In the best tradition of classic amusement

There are a lot of excellent titles available on PlayStation Plus even if you don’t care about collecting trophies. The classic catalogue is a perk for those who pay for the premium service. Included are my personal favourites, Limbo and the Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 collections.

As much as I’m shocked to see Limbo listed as a classic, I’m going to try to forget how quickly time has passed and instead focus on how fantastic this game was and is. If you’re looking for a way to satisfy your need for accomplishments, go no further than this spider-infested video game.

Playdead launched the puzzle platformer Limbo in 2010, and it is a 2D side-scrolling game. Your goal in this dismal horror game is to locate your sister among a world overrun by huge, flesh-eating spiders and monstrous water creatures.

Although Limbo’s visuals and story aren’t very original, developer Playdead knew that the game’s puzzles and distinctive art style would set them apart. Knowing the potential of the game and having it meet my expectations increased my enjoyment of it.

I don’t think achievements are absolutely necessary to have a good time with a game, but they’d be a lot of fun to have in PS Plus’s library of classic titles. Reviving, as best as possible, classics that are as replayable as Limbo.