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A brand-new method of screencasting and recording is being prepared for Android 13 QPR2

Those who own a Pixel may get a head start on testing out future OS enhancements by enrolling in Android’s beta programme. Google has released the second beta of Android 13 and is presently testing the second Quarterly Platform Release (QPR). Although there aren’t many visible changes in the latest release, the source code indicates numerous new features are on the way. Partial screen recording was found in Android 13 QPR1. The second beta version of the operating system has been found to have further information regarding the feature.

In the present moment, when you start a screen recording session on your Pixel, the whole screen is recorded. This may expose sensitive information such as your home screen, notifications, and recently used applications. Google is aware of this problem and is working on a solution: a feature that will only record the screen when using a certain app.

In a future version of Android13, the screen recorder will allow you to choose an app from the recent applications list to capture just its on-screen material, as noted by Esper’s Senior Technical Editor Mishaal Rahman. The applications currently loaded on your device are presented below, and you may choose one of them to launch. While the functionality is not yet functional, the video below provides a glimpse at what it may look like in Android 13 QPR beta 2.

The phrase “share or record an app” suggests that Google may provide app-by-app casting. This would ensure that just the selected app’s content is visible on the connected display when you cast content from your phone. This would be a great addition to screen recording and casting that respects users’ privacy and makes those functions more accessible.

If Google doesn’t run into any problems, the partial screen recording capability will be included in the upcoming Feature Drop for Android 13.