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Your next iPhone might be much easier to purchase thanks to Apple’s 25% Indian iPhone manufacturing target

The number of iPhones manufactured in India would expand dramatically if Apple decided to have around a quarter of them assembled there.

According to reports, Apple is now in the midst of making preparations to shift some production away from China in an effort to lessen its dependency on the nation, which has battled for stability in recent years. A worldwide scarcity of Apple’s greatest iPhone has emerged due to ongoingCOVID-19 lockdowns and worker dissatisfaction.

One report suggests that the aim for Indian iPhone production rests at 25%, implying that Apple would guarantee that Chinese uncertainty will not have such a major influence on production going ahead by relocating manufacture to India. Currently, it accounts for 5–7% of iPhone production in the nation. Another success story written about Apple.

The Indian minister Piyush Goyal thinks Apple would significantly expand its operations in his nation. The percentage of manufacturing taking place in India is reportedly already between 5% and 7%. If my math is right, they want to increase production by 25%.

Apple hasn’t said when it expects to meet this ambitious target, but it’s becoming more apparent that India will benefit from China’s decline.

By late 2022, Apple’s dependence on China was front and centre. Apple said that customers will have a hard time obtaining the iPhone 14 Pro due to production delays caused by problems at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou facility.