Yes, this retro-inspired Casio adventure watch is built out of beans…

If you’re looking for a dual-LCD outdoor adventure watch with “biomass plastics” navigation features, Casio plans to release the Pro Trek PRW-3400 in July.

In a return to past Pro Trek versions, the watch has the dual-layer, two LCD displays, which were first reported by Casio fan blogs G-Central (opens in new tab) and Advnture. An altimeter, compass, temperature, and sunrise and sunset timings are all incorporated in the top layer that is hidden behind the normal digital watch face.

Watch bezel rotation is used to show compass heading on full circular screen using huge direction markers. In contrast to some of the greatest running watches or adventure watches, this one does not design your route for you; instead, it calculates your current location and altitude, as well as the current temperature and the amount of sunshine you have left to get where you’re going more precisely.

You won’t be stranded in the woods with the Pro Trek PRW-3400’s battery-extending sun charging technology. Additionally, it has a 100-meter water resistance, a complete LED light, and a Multi-Band 6 auto radio time adjustment. Designed for the outdoors, it’s perfect.

However, one of the most appealing aspects of this watch is the materials it is built of. All of the components of the watch, including the urethane band and case back made of biomass plastic, are biodegradable. Other Pro Trek models, such as the PRW-6611Y-1 and PRW-6621Y-1 introduced earlier this year, also employ this material instead of petroleum-based polymers.

There are only plans for the watch to debut in Japan in July at a price of 44,000 yen (about $320 USD or £260 GBP). It will be available in black or brown. This model will be available in additional areas later this year, as we’ve seen with previous Pro Trek products.

There is no end in sight to the digital revolution

We’re on the verge of another digital watch revolution as the technology behind them improves without depending on intrusive fitness measures. In addition to the built-in compass, barometer, sunrise/sunset timings, and all of the typical smart features, this newest Casio Pro Trek includes a wealth of specific tools for explorers.

After all, you’re in the wilderness to avoid most of your displays. There’s some merit to a shift away from “smart” digital watches toward “dumb” ones Returning to a more traditional way of life has its appeal, but digital watches, like the G-SQUAD and G-LIDE watches we reviewed last month, enable you to preserve some important tools for sports like surfing and jogging.

All of this is exacerbated by the normal environmental concerns that accompany the purchase of technological devices. However, the watch’s solar-powered battery and usage of biomass polymers make it an eco-friendly choice. You’re also being good to nature while you’re out there.

As it swims, walks, and runs its way across the world, this Casio watch is destined to be a favourite among the toughest of adventurers. A pair of affordable running shoes is all you need to get started on the path.