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Microsoft does not offer a media remote for its Xbox Series consoles, which is strange. There was a first-party option for the Xbox One that should work well enough with the S and X (as most Xbox One accessories do), but it appears to have been discontinued.

Anyway, 8BitDo is here with officially licensed remotes for the new consoles.

The 8BitDo Media Remote for Xbox comes in two versions: a $24.99 ‘Long Edition’ black model with a numpad, and a $19.99 white ‘Short Edition’ without.

I’m not sure why you’d want the numpad on the longer black variant unless you’re still living Microsoft’s original vision of the Xbox One as an all-in-one TV hub.

The white version is my favorite because it’s simple to access all the buttons without moving your thumb. However, I’d take this size in black since it looks good with the Xbox design and stands out less in a dimly lit living room.

The remotes use infrared, which has its advantages and drawbacks. They need line of sight to the Xbox console, which wasn’t an issue with the One X in my living room but did cause problems with my Series X, since it’s hidden away.

Infrared signals, on the other hand, do not require any connection or setup. I was able to use both remote types with both of my Xbox consoles straight away. And I know better than to promise that HDMI-CEC will function flawlessly in your specific setup, but it has for me.

If your Xbox is the main streaming device you have, and IR isn’t an issue for you, I recommend purchasing one of 8BitDo’s Media Remotes.