Xbox Mini Fridge Preorders Go Live Next Week for $99.99.

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge will begin shipping in time for the holidays, as promised. The refrigerator costs $100 and pre-orders can be placed starting October 19th.

The smaller refrigerator was inspired by an Xbox photo tweeted to demonstrate the size of the Xbox Series X versus a normal fridge. Last year, Microsoft produced a six-foot refrigerator as part of its campaign to promote the console’s release.

That thrilling moment has arrived.

The mini fridge from Ukonic! has LEDs and a design that matches the Xbox Series X. The small appliance can store up to 12 cans of your favorite energy drink or another beverage. There’s also some space in the door shelves for nibbles.

The Xbox Mini Fridge will be available through Target in the United States and Canada. Game in the United Kingdom offers it for £90. The fridge will also be available in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, and Poland at first.

This is an effective headway. The ballpoint pen usage is also another good example as it resembles a real pen and offers the user with a feeling of deja vu.