With the official Pokémon Go companion app, planning your Pokémon Go meet-ups has never been simpler

Niantic has announced a new social networking app that acts as a Pokémon Go companion, bringing a slew of new features to the game.

Despite not being expressly designed for Pokémon Go, Campfire is marketed as a social networking software that may be used in combination with the developer’s augmented reality mobile games (opens in new tab). It incorporates a number of features that fans have been requesting for years to be included to the Pokémon Go app.

You’ll be able to interact with other players using an integrated messaging system, and you’ll be able to schedule meet-ups with nearby gamers. In an attempt to emphasise the game’s social aspects, it will also mark Gyms and Raids on your map as people battle for them in real-time.

Campfire is currently available for Ingress, Niantic’s other popular AR mobile game, and Eurogamer says that it will be available for Pokémon Go this summer. Screenshots of the new app in action show the Pokémon Go and Ingress logos in a column next to each other, implying that you’ll be able to switch between Niantic games with a single swipe.

“Campfire is a real-world social network that begins with a map and expands to include people, events, communities, and messaging,” Niantic said in a statement.

“We think of it as the ‘homepage’ of the real-world metaverse – a place where players can find other players in their area, message and share content, organise their own events and meetups, and foster the kinds of real-world social connections that have always been at the heart of what Niantic does,” says the company.

More social interaction, all of the time

Players may be irritated that Niantic isn’t adding an integrated chat and meet-up system to the game’s app, but it’s better than nothing. Even if you have to download a different platform to access them, Campfire will at least provide players a method to access numerous much-requested features.

Due to concerns about moderation and abuse, Niantic is unlikely to add a direct messaging system into the Pokémon Go app. It may keep the game as a kid-friendly environment by moving the function to a different app.

The arrival of a campfire isn’t the only change on the horizon. Pokémon Go is releasing a slew of unique goodies for Prime subscribers, according to a report published last week. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get free poké balls and other products over the next several months.