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With some intriguing camera changes, the Xperia 1 V may have just emerged from the shadows

Despite Samsung’s recent release of the Galaxy S23 series, we anticipate a slew of new smartphone releases in February, with Sony perhaps among them. A fresh alleged leak of the incoming flagship Xperia 1 V shows little modifications to the camera setup.

Somebody on Weibo claims this is the Xperia I V in the photo they shared. The picture suggests that Sony will likely maintain the triple camera setup it has used in its flagship devices for the last several years. While there are some alterations, they may indicate that the camera system has been upgraded.

There is still evidence of the Zeiss T* logo in the picture. In contrast to recent Xperia 1 variants, this one lacks the 3D ToF (Time of Flight) and RGB-IR colour sensors. The former is used to record depth information, while the latter aids the phone in achieving a proper white balance.

It’s not obvious why they weren’t included, but it might mean that Sony’s camera technology has advanced to the point that such features aren’t required anymore. ToF sensors were popular at one time but are seldom seen in modern Android phones.

The leaker mentions updates to the main and ultrawide sensors without providing more context. Can we expect greater resolutions on a Sony flagship device after years of 12MP cameras being crammed into the Xperia 1 line? Sony’s 50MP IMX sensor is used by the vast majority of modern Android phones, while the company’s 1-inch type sensor may be found in devices like the Xiaomi 13 Pro. It would be awesome if the firm started using these sensors in their own cellphones.

Sony may also include a new back mic similar to the one seen on the Xperia Pro-I, which can record higher-quality audio for vlogs.

We should take this with a grain of salt for the time being since the picture doesn’t show much and the leaker doesn’t seem to have much faith in the details they’ve shared.

Released later that year, the Xperia 1 IV debuted in May of 2022. But Sony might surprise us all and unveil the Xperia 1 V earlier this year at MWC 2023 at the end of this month. If that’s the case, the phone will likely be very expensive and have a very lengthy release date.