With SMS messages, Google addresses an annoyance with Android Auto

There have been a number of difficulties with Android Auto since the introduction of Android 12, including a glitch that caused Google Maps navigation to break for certain users. Another problem that has arisen after November 2021 is a glitch that stops certain users from receiving alerts when new messages come on their head units.

The issue has now been resolved by Google (via autoevolution). In response to a complaint submitted on Android Auto’s support page, a Google official verified that the team had “applied a patch to alleviate this problem.”

The glitch appeared after upgrading a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to One UI 4 based on Android 12.1, according to one forum post. The problem also impacted other top Samsung phones, such as the plain Galaxy S21. The user went on to say:

For the past three weeks, Android Auto has stopped showing new text or other messages. If music is playing and a new message comes in, the music is turned down briefly as if to allow the new message notification to sound, but no sound and no message comes to the auto display, even though new messages have arrived on the phone.

It’s unclear why fresh messages were not sent to the automobile, since Google’s acknowledgment provided no explanation. The fact that the issue has been fixed is all that counts at this stage.

If you’re experiencing the same problem, you’ll need to upgrade your Android Auto and messaging apps to the most recent versions to get Google’s remedy.