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With Instagram’s new transparency tools, you can find out if your content cannot be recommended

Instagram has now announced the release of new transparency features that will show you exactly how often your photographs and videos are featured inside the app’s suggested content feed. In order to better inform users with professional accounts, such as companies and artists, on whether or not their material is suitable to be suggested to non-followers in areas like Explore, Reels, and Feed Recommendations, the social network is extending its Account Status portal.

Last year, Instagram introduced Accounts Status so you could check on the status of your account. Users may check their Account Status to discover whether any of their material has been deleted, to file an appeal against the decision, and to see if they are at risk of having their account terminated.

You may now view an example of material or profile features that may violate Instagram’s Recommendations Guidelines if you find out that your content is not eligible to be suggested. You can then take appropriate action to rectify the situation, such as removing or revising content that does not comply with the company’s standards.

Instagram acknowledged in a blog post, “We realise that, for many artists, having Instagram promote your content is a terrific way to reach new followers and increase your following.” That’s why we stress the importance of artists knowing our rules and how their content or profile may affect their exposure to others who aren’t already following them. That’s why we’re letting you challenge our verdict now, so that we can get another set of eyes on it as soon as possible and keep refining our detection methods.

With these changes, Instagram hopes to better explain how to fix common account difficulties. The social network has ambitions to expand the functionality of the Account Status tab to include other parts of the programme, such as Search and Suggested Accounts. Instagram also aims to help its users better identify and address barriers to engaging with the app’s 1.3 billion monthly active users who are not yet following them.

Going into your profile’s settings and selecting “Account,” followed by “Account Status,” will lead you to this central centre.