Wireless headphones that offer portability and battery life

The SoundMAGIC P23BT is a budget wireless headphone that offers a long battery life for music listening on lengthy trips. The claimed battery life of these Bluetooth headphones is 54 to 60 hours when the 400mAh power pack is fully charged. You can also choose for a wired connection if you want, as the P23BT includes a bundled wired boom mic that may be used for business calls or gaming chat.

Another benefit is in the form of mobility, since these headphones may be folded up and kept flat, taking up a minimal amount of room in your luggage or backpack (it also comes with a travel bag, as well as an integrated wired boom microphone).

The SoundMAGIC P23BT’s 40mm neodymium drivers and high-definition sound aren’t the only things it has going for it. The headphones’ leatherette earpads with memory foam are meant to mold to the ear and provide a comfortable level of fit (hopefully without any sweating).

The SoundMAGIC P23BT also features a built-in microphone with noise cancellation, as well as some simple controls that are activated by light taps or swipes on the earcups. If you want to get your hands on the SoundMAGIC P23BT, these headphones won’t break the bank because they retail for less than £50/$70 (about $70/A$95).

If you’re looking for a battery with a lower price tag,

There’s no doubting that they’re well-made, and the noise reduction on these headphones is truly amazing. We’ll reserve judgment until we’ve heard them for ourselves, but based on their characteristics, this appears to be a high-quality set of affordable headphones with a decent battery life.

The Lavoo X5S has a lot of features and is quite comfortable to wear. The battery life can reach 60 hours, which is fantastic, and the quick charge mode lets you get enough juice back in case you ever wake up in the morning to find the battery dying – just a 10-minute charge gives you five hours of playback time. There’s also 50 days standby time with these headphones.

Obviously, we can’t get too excited without actually auditioning the P23BT and hearing them for ourselves, but based on the price, the rest of the specs and materials appear to be rather sensible. Our main concern would be whether those earcup-based controls are responsive and precise enough—hopefully no disappointments will arise in this area.