Winamp is Getting a Redesign: Prepare Your Grief

Before music streaming services, if you wanted to listen to music on your PC, you’d need to download or rip it from an audio source like a CD. You’d also need a music player, and Winamp was the standard player for almost everyone back then.

With new platforms like iTunes and streaming services, the need for a specialized media player has practically vanished. AudioValley, the owner and parent company of WinAmp, announced that they intend to bring it back.

However, if you thought you might see the media player return to its original form, you’d be disappointed. According to the description on its website, “Something big is happening. We’re building Winamp for the next-generation. Not just updated, but totally remastered. The new Winamp connects you to your music wherever you are. It brings you closer to the artists you love. It’s home to your favourite music podcasts and radio stations.”

It sounds like WinAmp may be relaunching as a streaming service and leveraging the brand to attract attention, rather than shutting it down. Given the popularity of streaming services, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case, but whether or not WinAmp’s name is enough to compete with Spotify and Apple Music remains to be seen.