Winamp is back! Sign up now to be a beta tester

Winamp is being reborn as a completely reconstructed program, with Radionomy providing invites to beta testers of the new software for developers. Winamp was formerly a popular third-party media player on PCs, and we recently released version 5.8 out of nowhere, along with promises of a new version (we’ll get back to that later).

Winamp, on the other hand, claims it will have a next-generation experience. With a contemporary experience rather than being simply a player, the new app promises fans and artists may connect as well as users be able to listen to their favorites internet radio stations or podcasts and more.

The Winamp home page has been updated with a new design, and the option to register for the beta test of the new version.

Re-igniting the buzz (for the second time)

Winamp intends to release a brand-new version of its software, not because it’s an outdated media player in the age of streaming music, but rather because it’s an anachronism in today’s society.

The site explains that the goal is to provide a platform for fans and artists to connect in some manner – or many – and the developers remark: “For artists and audio creators we’re all about giving you control over your content. We’ll help you to connect closely with your fans and earn a fairer income from doing what you love.”

These are large claims, to be sure, but there’s a fair amount of skepticism about promises having been made before and not kept.

Remember that in 2018, Radionomy (which acquired Winamp in 2014) announced that a new version of the software would be available by 2019, carrying the legacy of Winamp while remaining “a complete listening experience,” yet something like this didn’t materialize.

There have been rumors about relaunches and redesigns, to further reduce the enthusiasm for this new announcement among others.

It’s been years since Winamp was last updated. If the new version comes to fruition, how will it connect with streaming services and artists, and if beta testing really begins, we’ll know a lot more quickly. In a nutshell, remain wary but keep an eye on this situation.