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Why switching password managers this year might be the best security choice you ever make

It’s challenging to launch a new company or expand an existing one, but security should always be at the forefront of your mind.

Now is the moment to strengthen your security measures, as new dangers and hacks are reported on what seems like a regular basis. While we’re all aware that we need to use different, robust passwords for each account and piece of technology we use, it may be difficult to keep track of everything, particularly as more of us opt for flexible work arrangements that allow us to do things like work from home or telecommute.

This is where the convenience of Dashlane’s password manager comes in. If you want to keep your accounts and the information required to access them safe from hackers and cybercriminals, a password manager is an essential tool.

As hackers target organisations across sectors to steal consumer or company data that may be sold or exploited, data breaches have become a growing concern for firms of all sizes. In light of the fact that the average cost of a data breach is currently about $4.2 million, protecting your company’s sensitive information is essential.

You and your company can rest easy knowing that your passwords are safe and secure when you use Dashlane as your password manager. Dashlane employs some of the best encryption methods available today to safeguard your passwords and other sensitive information, and it offers around-the-clock assistance.

Dashlane’s proprietary zero-knowledge architecture ensures that no one, not even Dashlane, can access your data, and that its online and mobile applications employ end-to-end encryption to secure your information.

Additionally, the Dashlane platform has some of the most stringent Master Password requirements available. Since only you can reset it, this last security measure should provide an even higher level of protection. Even if you have to give someone else access to your account, you may still exercise full discretion over when and how that happens.

By supporting Windows, macOS, Android, and more, along with all of today’s most popular web browsers, Dashlane Password Manager seems to provide unrivalled adaptability.

More than 15 million people across the world use Dashlane, and it is trusted by over 20,000 businesses. Also, you can be certain that your data is safe with Dashlane since, unlike other competitors, they have never had a security breach.