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WhatsApp Testing Voice And Video Calls For The Web

Image credit – WABetaInfo

WhatsApp has long supported both voice and video calls on its mobile application, but for some reason it was never available through its desktop/web client. However, there is some good news on that front because according to WABetaInfo, it seems that the latest beta of WhatsApp for the desktop/web has gained voice and video call support.

In terms of what we can expect, it seems like it is a rather straightforward implementation of voice and video calls, where it’s more or less similar to what we have on our smartphones. This is a long time coming and to be honest, we expected that WhatsApp would have gotten in on the action a lot sooner.

This is because of the pandemic which saw the meteoric rise of Zoom. Facebook, who owns WhatsApp, implemented something similar to Messenger in the form of Messenger Rooms earlier this year, so we figured that WhatsApp would have wanted to implement something of their own considering how many people use the app.

However, we suppose it’s better late than never, plus there will always be a need for voice and video calls, so maybe WhatsApp isn’t really losing out that much by being slightly late to the game.

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