What if you could play Doom in Minecraft instead of playing it in real life? An in-game PC was developed for this individual alone

Using a Minecraft hack, one committed player was able to construct a computer and then run Doom on it.

As seen in a video by Redditor oneisnowcrow, the player bought computer components over Minecraft’s in-game satellite internet, had them airdropped, and then put everything together before launching and playing Doom on Windows 98.

For years now, it’s been a common online craze to explore how many various ways and media you can play the legendary first-person shooter, but this is probably one of the more inventive. The video may be seen here (opens in new tab).

did_he_just_order_pc_parts_via_satellite_internet from r/pcmasterrace

Modifications for ‘Doom’ and beyond

Someone is given a reason to flee. People all across the globe are using non-Doom-playing objects to accomplish precisely that, launching Doom into meme notoriety.

It’s like when someone played Doom through a pregnancy test or when it went through a person’s Twitter page Creative coders seem to have taken the “but can it run Doom?” issue extremely seriously.

If you’ve ever wanted to play the whole Pokemon Red edition via your Twitter avatar, you’re not alone. Additionally, the ‘Twitch plays Elden Ring’ event that was based on the popular ‘Twitch Plays Pokemon’ event is still going strong today.