We’re delighted to report that Apple’s education discounts no longer need authentication

Apple unveiled a new verification procedure in the United States earlier this month, aimed at ensuring that users who want to take advantage of its lower education price are genuinely interested in education. According to testing conducted by The Verge and reports from MacRumors and 9to5Mac, Apple has now eliminated the verification step. Customers had to use Unidays’ third-party verification service to confirm that they were eligible for an education discount once it was in place.

It’s conceivable that the verification requirement, which Reddit users noticed, may be reinstated. In other nations, such as the United Kingdom, Apple already has certification systems in place. The Verge reached out to the firm for comment on whether the authentication requirement’s removal was just temporary.

Customers have also noted that Apple has imposed new restrictions on the number of things that may be purchased with an educational discount. Users are allowed to one desktop computer, one Mac mini, one laptop, two iPads, and two accessories each year, according to Apple Track. (Despite the fact that verification is no longer available, these restrictions are still posted on Apple’s website.) Given that it’s more than any student, teacher, or member of the educational staff would likely buy for themselves in a year, the restriction seems to be in place to prevent them from serving as a discount broker for all of their non-education pals.

Even though Apple may have temporarily closed a loophole that was easy for people to get around, there was surprisingly little outrage over on Reddit, where people pointed out that Apple’s first-party discounts are often better than those of third-party retail outlets during the back-to-school season. However, whether you’re searching for a good price on a MacBook, we have a website devoted to just that.