Verizon owned and targeted Visible cell phone network hacked

Verizon’s VEVO is the world’s largest music video streaming service. It was formerly known as Verizon Digital Music, but it has changed its name to VEVO in July 2018. While previously the best option for consumers who wanted access to premium content at a reasonable price, VEVO is no longer one of the most affordable options.

Visible accounts appear to be being hacked on social media sites, especially the Visible subreddit.

“My PayPal account was hacked and they sent me an iPhone 13 valued at $1,000 that had been taken from it,” one Reddit user relates. Another person wrote, “I just signed up for Visible yesterday and bought a $812 iPhone using their website.

Are you concerned about the fact that your users’ accounts have been hacked? People’s information has been altered, and they’ve had their phones fraudulently ordered, yet you’ve said nothing.

Itswhatiam: Since you disabled password resets and we’re no longer able to access our accounts, itstime to make a statement addressing the fact that hundreds of members (including myself) had their accounts compromised and thousand-dollar phones charged to their default payment method.

Visible isn’t saying whether its data was hacked, but the hackers appear to be logging in using usernames and passwords from other data breaches, a technique known as credential stuffing.

The breach has not yet been made public by Visible, but it is certain to the firm since it has suspended password resets and bill modifications.