Utilize this HP laptop and MS Office package to fund your studies while also supporting a good cause

You want to put your money back into your school, right? Consider the following questions: What tools would you need to acquire new competencies? We provide everything you might possibly need, including a brand new computer, robust software, and professional assistance.

A reconditioned HP EliteBook, Microsoft Office Pro, and the necessary training to utilise them successfully are all yours for only $669 during our Back to Education event. Not just that! Half a dollar from each purchase will go to help a deserving student’s education fund, so you can help yourself and others along the way.

The HP EliteBook 840 is a fantastic laptop for any purpose, whether it be serious work or just mindless entertainment. There’s enough of power in its Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM for all of your schoolwork, and it comes preloaded with Windows 10 Pro. The laptop received a “A” for its refurbishment, so any visible flaws should be minor. In all other respects, it performs as advertised.

If you’re looking to get a lot of work done on your new laptop, Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows is included for the rest of your life. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, OneNote, Publisher, and Access licence keys and download links will be sent upon completion of the purchasing process. Finally, the package includes eight training courses for Microsoft Office to assist you maximise your use of those programmes. Professionals like Chris Dutton, founder of Maven Analytics and a certified Microsoft Excel Expert, teach the classes.

Invest in your future with this 669$ HP EliteBook, Microsoft Office Pro, and educational course package. Before it closes on August 24th, you can help a worthy cause simply by making a purchase during our Back to Education sale. After the promotion ends, you’ll get an email asking which institution of higher learning or charitable organisation you’d want to support with your donation.